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Peridise regained

Yesterday I was already having many dry O's with the Progasm. Up until the past week I'd been more or less exclusively using my sphincter muscles as contracting my pc muscles(too hard) made me urinate.I guess it was a disadvantage having been already acquainted with pc muscle exercises and fitness, only now I realise it's the very slight pc contraction that has maximum effect. It's definitely different from say training the biceps.

Amazing all the different sensations you can experience by an infinite amount of possible combo's using pressure, length of contraction and which muscle you predominantly use and perhaps related to that the position you're in.

Also obviously nipple stimulation gives yet other blends. Sometimes it appears almost as a searchlight when the response down there is muted, the nipples make the different area's light up and guide you to where the pleasure's at.

Anyway, I was having multiple orgasms and a really great session with my Progasm, but, there's always a longing for more. Hence off to the Coffeeshop and bought some Polm hasj. There are obviously differences in quality depending where you buy....For this stuff I'm willing to cycle 40 minutes to buy smooth and lighter required.

So on the cake it went, about half an hour after eating I started to prepare(since it normally takes about an hour to kick in), so about 5 minutes after that I was lying back on my couch and the Peridise was giving me orgasms very soon after insertion.

It's always hard looking back to the surreal euphoric state and trying to describe how it felt. And when the hasj kicked in, reality just starts to break down, hypnagogic internal imagery, an orgasms just blasting thru previous highs.....compulsive orgasming.

The problem with hasj though is it can sometimes terrify. The more euphoric my orgasm, the more I started to wonder how much my body could take, I became conscious of my heartbeat and it was racing and pounding away in my chest, I was wondering if I was having a heartattack or a panic attack and I could see the headlines in the paper. 35 Year old dies with analtoy in ass.

I quickly shifted my awareness to the actual sensations and found I actually missed the perineum tab digging into me. I imagined my body as a somewhat strange cunt with my nipples being the clit and the part under my balls being the outer labia I was using my fingers to press down and I was soon missing the p-tab no more........
As it was getting late I started to masturbate, big mistake.....!
The combined effect of the Peridise and hasj tends to bring out the inner slut...the one who just doesn't care how nasty or dirty one gets just desperately looking for a release of orgasmic tension and insatiable lust, writhing back and forth.

The rational mind shuts down, the innerslut takes over...gone are concerns about the possible assfluid on my couch if I pull my pants down or taking my shirt off to avoid cumming on my t-shirt.....again I should have known, ejaculating doesn't really release all that happens is it becomes sensative but you keep cumming(unfortunately stoned as I was I disovered later my light was on and people could have potentially looked in and seen a lot of radical shit).....when to bed Anerosless, still cumming, woke up with a hardun still coming.....In goes the Helix.....then again not just the cumming reflex but also the dry orgasming(thru the penis but nothing coming out) the p-tab works as a kind of pivot for the internal movement and a pressing down from the outside to further stimulate the prostate.....some hours later the MGX and really enjoying the added sensation of the ribbles.

The hasj brought on the orgasmic reflex, but also paranoia, still.....the day after effect was probably more enjoyable than the weirdness of the previous day. It's a double edged sword though coz the cumming is compulsive, I didn't really have a choise so that was all I did the next day, luckily for me I could coz it's like a priapism, very embarrassing when you're not alone

Reader Comments

Posted on 2010-04-13 16:37:00 by joey

Dude you should become a writer. This is amazingly HOT... This will give a lot of people the boost to keep on trying until they reach their goal. Keep on bloging.

Posted on 2010-04-19 07:35:24 by rickydee

It must of been some trip. As i read your story with the helix in. I began to have many waves of pleasure and excitement. It got me so hot just thinking of the pleasure you had. But also thinking at times how paranoia sets in. I remember having a trip when I was in Amsterdam some yrs. ago and eating at a coffee shop and having the kundalini energy awaken within me. I relalize what the drug does to you and what you then experience. It's better to have the natural high where you can control the experience.. I am getting a natural high just by reading your experience.

Posted on 2010-05-28 10:54:25 by Helixer

@Rickydee: I disagree by agreeing. Yes, sometimes being stoned can have averse effects but it depends mostly on your own mindset. Obviously drugs are known to increase moodswings, coz mostly drugs amplify what you're already feeling(which isn't such a bad thing with the Aneros), besides drugs amplifying feelings and thoughts, sexual energy has an amplifying effect on your thoughts as well, hence you can better stay positive when youre high.

The worst thing about being high imo is the lack of concnetration which takes your consciousness into the nebulous world of fantasy taking your chi into your head and away from the pleasure of your body. Sure it might have been good for interesting thoughts and a guffaw and some akin to mindgasms but IMO the apt orgasmanaut needs good concentration, coz it's the hugging of those pleasurable places using series of muscles and combinations, the persisitent stimulation calls for a focussed attention otherwise these pleasurable spots can't be stimulated to a pleasure that's unbearable
Because of this the day after effects of the druginduced Super O are so much better....not quite high anymore but still euphoric, your body still highly sensitive, hazy but not stoned you can hone in on all the pleasures in your body without the risk of paranoia or panic attack or whatever and at the same still feel horny as hell and buzzing all over. This druginduced after effect is better than the high but also better than the normal state

Posted on 2010-05-28 10:58:42 by Helixer

Thanks Joey, maybe I should try my hand at that! I've always wanted to write a lubricious rape story, perhaps some time in the future!

Posted on 2010-05-30 20:15:16 by rickydee

I wonder would good pot in brownies have a simular affect

Posted on 2010-06-01 10:21:40 by Helixer

@rickydee: I prefer good hasj, nice and powdery and packed with thc. Sure eating pot you'll get your thc intake to get you stoned...but for me the disadvantage are a the leaves and branches, as they tend to give you a headache. Nothing beats good hasj IMO.

Eat in anyway you like, brownies will do, but basically anything that masks the taste is ok, perhaps with pot maybe even yoghurt would do. Problem with cakes and hasj is that it can stick to the bottom(in the case of baking brownies and other cakes)or stick in your teeth...whereas perhaps sprinkeling a good bud into yoghurt and then downing it straight down your throat would avoid that

Posted on 2010-06-03 03:55:48 by Helixer

@joey I regret to inform you that I won't write this rape story, coz I'm worried about the consequences. If I was a murder/mystery writer, a good story would be just that. Nobody would be thinking:"Surely to write about murder from the perspective of a murderer one would have to be a murderer? in other words coz it achieves the desired effect, no matter how sickly enpersonating the psychopath, it remains a story

Somehow the rules changes when writing about sexcrimes from the pov of the perpetrator. The lust they experience when overpowering a preteen tearing off her skirt and props his cock into her tight little slit, fucking through her resistance, first her screams of pain then her screams of pleasure....etc....

Somehow when you write about a sexcrime as deviant, ýou're not a writer anymore but a culprit to the 'crime', or should I say at the very least suspect.

Why is that?

Perhaps it's inner guilt of the readers. Perhaps if a sexcrime as debauched as a pedophile rape could turn you on(what normally happens when you get a graphic description of a sexual act)the writer must be turned on by it to write it.
So where does that murder fit in. The normal response of murder is disgust, or intrigue, so when stepping inside the world of a killer it's so out of the box that you won't be turned on by it, but will be intrigued by the different world. The distance between the main figure and the reader is too great for the reader to identify with

But what about that of a sexcrime: There's sex and there's a crime. Sex is natural, fun , pleasurable....and in some arbitrarily drawn instances it's a crime..but because the sexpart is the more universal if written well it's going to turn you on.......

This is why I can't write it. I wouldn't want to be arrested for thoughtcrimes

Posted on 2010-10-01 22:51:56 by priapusone

Wow! love the last two paragraphs-maybe you should write a book!

Posted on 2010-10-05 00:35:30 by priapusone

loves that you mentioned me, man!