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Well, it has been quite a day!

I started off this morning edging for a bit. I decided to deny myself ejaculation. Just keeps me horny, I guess! :)

Went to the gym – today was cardio day so did elliptical. And then went to work as usual. So after lunch I am sitting at my desk and out of the blue, I start to get p-waves. Hey - that’s nice. But they keep up and I realize that my P is vibrating too – ever so lightly, but I can feel it nevertheless. Well the waves keep up and it is really feeling good. I am now totally distracted and nothing is getting done. Fortunately I have a private office. I am thinking somebody in the aneros forum is sending energy out and I am the lucky recipient of it! :)

This is feeling too good to walk away from, so I head home. The p-waves are continuing in the car and the energy is washing all over me as I sit at a red light. I get home and insert helix, put some relaxing music on and lay down.

I recently ordered a copy of KSMO. It had arrived yesterday and I had listened to it last night. Interesting stuff. OK- truth be told, back in my office, when the waves had started, I tried a few Key Sounds to see if I could feel the echoes - - guess you figured that I did! :)

So, the first hour of my session was relaxing with the continuing p-waves - - but nothing spectacular was happening. I got up and went to the computer with helix still in and surfed some porn and edged for a bit. Then I went and laid down again.

WOW! Things started to escalate immediately. Continuous p-waves. Pulsing P. Full body contractions. Lower extremity vibrations. Involuntary Key Sounds at a pitch, time and volume that I never planned! Thank goodness the windows were closed or the neighbors certainly would have called the authorities! Holy smokes was that an orgasm? !!

By now it had been almost three hours since I had first inserted Helix and I needed to bring this to a conclusion – but gosh it was still going on and on and quite frankly I didn’t want to stop it. Finally after another O, I rolled onto my side and just exclaimed OMG!

I am still feeling some waves even as I write this……………

Reader Comments

Posted on 2010-04-08 00:31:09 by vitocchondo

My mouth is wide open!! WOW!! And edging an added bonus ;-) Glad you received the energy!! Keep on going J!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted on 2010-04-09 22:24:10 by LivingLarge

Congrats.....sounds like you slipped over the edge! It gets better.

Posted on 2010-08-15 00:40:39 by [Deleted User]

I know about that one. I was having immense anal orgasms last night with my massager. I just wanted more and more and more. My wife was asleep so I just kept at it and all of a sudden it was 5:00 a.m. This stuff is addicting. I just started yesterday and hit what I think was a Super O on my first time out. It was incredible. This morning my wife got in the shower and i decided to see if I could get there again before she was done. OMG, I hit a peak within about 3 or 4 minutes and shot an immense load of precum all over my self. I couldn't believe how good that felt. Orgasm without touching. I had several mini Os before she finished her shower. Then I took my own shower and found out I could control the contractions in my prostate without anything inside. I had two more incredible Big Os in the shower where even more precum came out. I thought I was empty but not so. Then I spent the whole day practicing it without and I'll be darned if I can't bring myself off just by manipulating the prostate with nothing touching it. I must had had 20 mini Os today doing that. The amazing thing is I don't have to wait for the next day to cum again. It happens over and over almost at will. Incredible.