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Prostate Awakening

I have had a number of sessions this past week and thanks to some tips from some fellow aneros users my prostate woke up! WOO HOO !

I was shocked to feel my prostate spasming like it did. This was a major breakthrough for me on my journey. The first time it happened it was pretty intense. My heart rate literally jumped into high gear and my prostate kept time with my heart rate. thump - thump- thump. I did some nip brushes which just send me. My abs contracted and were hard and tight. There does seem to be a direct link between my nips and my pelvic floor. Everytime I flick my nip, I feel my perineum jump involuntarily. There does also seem to be a hot button right below my navel. A firm pressure on that spot gives me a nice sensation too. I felt pleasure building a few times, but it was a brief wave each time. After this had passed, I just chilled on the bed for a long while. Unfortunately, other then a few weak spasms, that first one did not repeat itself. But, 1.) I know it can happen, and; 2.) even more important, I now know what a spasming prostate feels like and I have tried to create a mental link to that feeling in my head so I can remember it.

I also was very brave and cut the handle off of helix to aid in the free movement of aneros! Now it doesn't touch the mattress when I am on my back and I can also sit in a chair with aneros inserted. As I write this, I have the helix in me having just finished a very relaxing 45 minute session. I did not again get the rapid hard spasm and auto f**k by the aneros like that first time. ................yes - I used to say auto-movement of the aneros being slowly pulled deep into me - but that first time, it was definitely auto-f**king me :) When I lay very still I am able to truly "feel" the aneros tickling my prostate and I can actually pulse the aneros ever so lightly against the prostate and get some "electric" sensations. This too is progress. The whole nip thing is fabulous - especially just holding my finger steady against it - - I almost instantly feel a wave of energy surge through me. I definitely am getting the beginnings of a build-up of sexual energy that at some point will rise to an orgasm. But right now it is fading as soon as I take the next deep breath. I am finding I can hold on to it longer if I either hold my breath or keep my breathing shallow - - but I do know that ultimately shallow breathing will not get me anywhere. But right now that is where I am getting the most pleasure. So, I breath deeply with a dropped jaw and figure all this is working to re-wire me for better things to come in the future.

I am practicing deep belly breathing and exercising the five pelvic muscle groups trying to isolate each one. I have noticed a difference especially the muscle that pulls my penis back into myself. That one is twitching when things get going for me. Last night, I was chatting about aneros and suddenly I felt my prostate thumping on its own even without aneros inserted.


Reader Comments

Posted on 2010-04-01 07:49:51 by vitocchondo

Very Happy for you buck!!! You are on your way. I told you every unique was different. I just removed the handle just to have more movement. I too have it inserted as i type. I feel just having it inserted it helps w the rewiring and my body is adjusting to my Helix. Like i said, it does not even feel like it's there. I love all the sensations that I experience just by focusing mentally. Glad you are on your way!!!!!

Thanx for the friend add!!!!!


Posted on 2010-04-06 13:07:45 by Bobby O

great things are just around the corner for you dude.......awesome post

Posted on 2010-08-15 00:46:19 by [Deleted User]

My prostate woke up the first time I did it. That spasming took me over the top into a big O that I can only call ecstasy. It kept coming back in waver after wave that had me off the bed with involuntary grunting. It was the most incredible thing I ever felt.