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WOW!!!! Unexpected WOW!!!

Well, boy was I surprised. I had a long day and came home and tried to unwind. Stepped out to run a couple of errands and I began to feel a sort of a tickle in a spot I couldn't exactly say where. My sphincter, my prostate or inner anus. I tried to figure it out and couldn't put a finger on it.
I drove and it was almost like a tiny itch every other minute. I tried a minor contraction and I felt bit of a soft sublte thump on my P. Drove a bit more and came home. Since one of my stops had been to my piercing artist to change jewelry on my nipps, I had a bit of an aroused feeling since my nipps had just had some tugging and handling. Felt a bit aroused so I came home and watched a bit of porn. I soon became drowsy and grabbed my Helix and lube and I plopped onto bed and just the way I landed, my penis was pressed between my blanket and my body. Didn't move. I felt like my penis had a mind of its own. It felt full, not erect, just like a "fullness". Can't exactly explain. I did not move. Istarted to focus on my breathing. Relaxed my whole body and focused on that tiny feeling. I forgot about the lube and th Helix.
So I decided to try a contraction!!!!!!!!! It was my P that was taking over my body. My P started a thumping throbbing motion and boy did my penis get erect soon after that. I had a raging erection and I worked w the feelings.

I contracted softly, Added more pressure and then eased up. I totally let my body enjoy the feelings and mentally focus on my P. My right buttock and leg twitched a few times. Felt energy emerge from my lower abdomen through out my body and several shivers. At the same time I ran my fingers all over my chest and stomach and enjoyed the sensations. I saw a trickle of precum oozing out of my happy penis. I was SO turned on and literally just layed back, relaxed, played w my nipps and focused. I allowed the P to take over to enjoy my FIRST ANEROLESS SESSION!!!!! AMAZING!!!! :-)

My penis was flaccid after a while and I did not ejaculate. I did stroke it and it felt great. I soon stopped and put both hands behind my head and totally focused mentally on my lower abdomen area and enjoyed...... For a moment I felt like as if I was floating!!!!!!

Thanx Rummel and Artform and bloggers for your input and blogging. It has helped me open up and discover a new pleasure point. I am LOVING IT!!!

Reader Comments

Posted on 2010-04-01 13:35:05 by artform

Great vitocchondo!!! Was a great pleasure chatting with you the other night! Her's to your opening journey advancing well! Cheers!!!

Posted on 2010-04-01 18:56:43 by buckingbronco

Dude - what a great session.......and anerosLESS at that. I can only imagine your next session with Helix!