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Wanted More...

So what can I say - - I want more.............So I popped the helix in, layed down on my stomach and wow ......... almost immediately things started happening............rapid heart beat...........involuntary internal muscle contractions in my paced breathing.........a rapid rise in intensity of p-waves.

I tried to put my mind elsewhere rather then anticipate what might be coming. This was a very exciting moment though. I felt like something major was happening. Great feeling.

As it turned out, it was a spike that did not go over the top into an O. Rather it settled back down and did not repeat itself and the rest of the session was unremarkable. One thing though is I am definitely getting stronger and more regular involntary contractions all around the pelvis, where as two weeks ago almost nothing. I felt a tickling in my lower abdominals tonight as well.

At any rate, something new and something different. I count it all as progress.

I have been doing isloation exercises to strengthen my pelvic muscles - rectal, anal, perenium, scrotal and penal. I can tell that I have been doing this as its a bit achy down there this morning. That's good too.