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The beginnings of bliss?

So last night I had another Aneros session. And several times I reached these peaks of pleasure where my anus would start involuntarily spasming, which would induce the MGX to auto-fuck my ass. Wow! This has happened before in the last two sessions. And when that happens, the ridges on the MGX stem really add some nice vibrations like stimulation to my anus kicking up the pleasure even more.

But what I'm really posting about is I had one experience in this session where I was just holding a medium contractions or so. And I felt this warm energy like sensation blossom from my pelvis outwards a bit. It didn't last that long, there was no involuntary contractions, and it wasn't the most pleasurable sensation I've had within a session. But it had a sort of calming/relaxing sensation that went with it. It was most curious, I liked what I felt and wondered if this could perhaps be the beginnings of super-O experiences. A mini-O? I have no idea. I've sort of learned over time not to put a name to things prematurely, as this is such new territory, and I've misinterpreted results many times before. I'll keep grinding away though. Although I have to say, that lately this has been the most delightful and fun grinding I've ever done! :D

Reader Comments

Posted on 2010-03-16 20:05:03 by LivingLarge

And will happen. I just ordered an MGX after reading the results your having. The ribs should add to the experience. By the way, this noon I had several hours to myself. I decided to play with my Eupho. I was into it for about 45 minutes and experienced a wet hands free orgasm. It is the first time I experience this with any of the Aneros massagers. It was very pleasurable but anti climatic compaired to a super-o. This wasn't a bad way to end my session though.

Posted on 2010-03-17 16:10:58 by artform

Definitely the kind of positive, lifting, energies signs you want friend! Congratulations!! Calm Seas Super-Os ahead is a potential and much more! Once established in your wiring, this usually, not guaranteed of course, usually will become a dominant and readily available new dimension. All the best with it Love_is.

Posted on 2010-03-17 16:13:24 by Love_is

That would certainly be nice if it did LivingLarge! :D I hope you like your MGX as much as I have lately. Although I find it quite interesting, how I go through "love affairs" with different Aneros models, depending on which one is making me feel good consistently! LOL That's wild the hands free super-T you had with the Eupho! I've never had one that didn't include even just a l little bit of penis contact or stimulation to cause it. I can certainly see how it would be anti-climatic though in comparison to a super-O. Someday I'll likely get the Eupho. But I'm currently happy with the models I do have.

Posted on 2010-03-17 16:17:03 by Love_is

Thank you for your positive comment artform! :) So you think perhaps this was the beginnings of a calm seas super-O? Or that they are just on my horizon based on my current experiences? I've been making such lovely progress and really nice pleasure lately that I'm not terribly worried about achieving the super-O in hurry. Probably a good state of mind to be in. :D