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my short cummings

well been real busy,new year and all, but the sessions just keep getting better. yesterday i had the house to my self so i decided to really let myself go. did my usual , got naked, started my breathing and lubed up. i lubed up my aneros but did not insert it right away. i slowly rubbed it up and down my perinium and anus very slowly just to get me a little teased. once i was warmed up i inserted my progasm and my body was ready for it. i always have great involuntary contractions before i start my paced contractons. i do soft contractions at first, after about 20 minutes i make them stronger. i was really having strong waves and doing alot of moaning and groaning when i decided change positions. i always start off by laying on my back, so i quickly grabbed 2 pillows and bent over and started doing stronger contractions. i was really moving and grinding when i had the biggest dry O i ever had. i mean i was very vocal, i couldn't believe how amazing i as feeling. the waves kept coming and i was not about to stop. so i caught my breath and kept doing the same routine till i had another big O, not as big but still a ver y big O. i didnt stop i kept going , but this time i actually ejculated, not my intentions mind you i would rather ride the wave for as long as possible, but i am not complaining either. not the most O's i had in one session but the strongest by far. cant wait for the weekend!!

Reader Comments

Posted on 2010-03-13 12:40:57 by [Deleted User]

Sound like you had a great time Rock! Those alone times where one can really let go can be the absolute best. Bieng able to be more vocal seems to help advance my sessions both with and without the aneros. So a hands free ejaculation? Do you think the contractions enabled that?

Posted on 2010-03-14 14:32:46 by rockbttm

the contractions and the way the aneros was rubbing on my prostate helped in my hands free ejaculatoin. i do my contractions anywhere i can at work orwatching tv. i have those down really good.