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I GOT IT!!!!! I GOT IT!!!!!!!

Well, I am ecstatic!! Man, am I ever so excited. I felt the tapping on my prostate as if the Aneros was battery operated. I felt the bursts of pleasure and warmth that flowed from my insides. My penis was almost vibrating. Boy did my newly pierced nipples get some play.
Very very little amount of precum dripped. I was hoping more, but It was my first time with those "NEW" feelings. I am sure my experiences will only get better from now on. It's a great feeling to have discovered something so grand as prostate massage. My prostate has been asleep for 33 years, like Rumel said. I woke that bitch up.

I walk different because I am now so concious about tightening and flexing my sphincter and pc muscles. I find myself standing and contracting to pump up and tone those muscles. I want to have my alone time more often and can't wait to get home.

I must confess that I was even moaning. I AM NOT A MOANER!! And I know I must stop but I feel so turned on and horny that I end up masturbating. Oh and my erection is very hard.

Rumel, thanx for the advice(bitch slap). LOL!!!!!!!! :-)

I am now sitting upright typing this with the Aneros inserted and am contracting and feeling the waves at the same time.

FUCKING LOVING IT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What a great day to spend my whole day off. It was all about taking care of myself and learning and focusing mentally on all these feelings

Reader Comments

Posted on 2010-03-13 12:48:41 by [Deleted User]

Congrats Vito - you have reason to celebrate and while it may be hard to believe there are even better times ahead if you let it come to you - patience!

Posted on 2010-03-27 11:49:27 by The_Bishop

Sounds awesome man! Enjoy the ride. :)