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Frustrated and disappointed

I have read rave reviews and the amazing orgasms are the pinnacle to being a MAN. I am envious of everyones experiences in the blogs and forums. I experience pain with the perinium abutment.i have tried lying on my side, leg up lying flat on my back, kneeling, squatting and standing. I have even sat up straight with the sgx inserted. I CANNOT FEEL ANYTHING.. I am not new to anal play. I am not shy about anal play. I am sooooooooo looking forward for a prostate O. Please help. I have reda the website instructions and followed the steps and nothing. I feel like I threw away 52 bucks. Please help!!!!

Reader Comments

Posted on 2010-03-04 14:30:42 by rook

Hi vitocchondo.. couple of tips
--For the time being, pad the p-tab with the bulb off a medicine dropper.
--Start on a Kegel program which will muscle-up your perineum.
--Drop back to shorter sessions until the pain goes away. Pain causes tension, tension leads to stress and the combo prevents relaxation -- unless you can relax when inserted, progress will be slow. ... rook

Posted on 2010-03-04 23:56:55 by vitocchondo

Oh, my pc muscles are very strong. I use two types of lube and very generous with it. I relax so much I fall asleep. I read the SGX model was designed for the Asian market, shorter guys. I am 5 10 and 250 pounds. Maybe I'm using the wrong Aneros? I'm going to take your advice and we'll see what happens. Thankyou!!!!