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The Amygdala Experiments: VaVaVaVOOOOOOMMMM

(This is a test of the blog repair, and it looks good now!...)

From member Pan, both here and at KSMO, I heard about Neil Slade and the Amygdala Clicking technique for greatly enhanced orgasmic responses, and was curious. Hapticbear as outlined in his blog here, Orgasmicgate, was also exploring this and found the site with the workbook and other resources of the originator of Amygdala Clicking, T. D. A. Lingo. I downloaded and printed the workbook, read through and then felt like diving in and seeing if it made any sense to me in practice. Four steps in developing this technique occurred as in my version of this complementary journey.

We each have two amygdalae, which are centres of emotional and threat/opportunity responses; the right amygdala, for threats and fears; the left for opportunities and ecstasies in simple terms. Just as our corpus callosum is a saddle of neurons and related tissues that links our right and left hemispheres, the amygdalae are linked by little thread of communication tissue called the comissure THIS POST IS STILL UNDER CONSTRUCTION...

1. Hot Bath Finding the Links
Having struggled with the attempts to cause/sense an actual forward "clicking" and sense of linkage, I thought I would really go at it, after some time relaxing, while still in a deep hot bath.
Not immediately satisfied with the initial mild tickling sensation, I was really making physical mental efforts to "move these things" and feel this "clicking". I went a bit overboard with a kind of mental arm-wrestling in my head, was actually sweating, beyond the effects of the hot bath, and moving my whole body significantly in this effort.

Click!, click!! Suddenly i had the sensation that I was generally anticipating. I also had a pain in my head. Suddenly I felt dizzy and started to black out gradually. I have had that happen just getting up from a chair over the years just from chronic low blood pressure.

I was able to get out of the tub quickly and get my head down and things settled without going unconscious. As I was able to relax again, and restore regular and deeper valley breathing, I could feel this sensation of a strong tickling and and asymmetrical sense of closer connection on the left side yet the same level of power on the right, even if it seemed a slightly great space between or the right amygdala had to "reach out" further.

Overall the "open space" sensed between the two amygdalae and the frontal cortex felt like a very shallow triangle with the narrow base on the right side.

The immediate sensation elsewhere, while I was "in my head" trying to sense what had happened, was a significant fire lit in my prostate radiating warmth and pixelating energies out into other organs, muscles etc, throughout the pelvic basin.

A micro-cosmic orbit opened up and a grand time was had by all! My headache persisted but was gone when I awoke the next morning, feeling wonderful.

2. Including the Three Hour Lucid Dream

3. Further Experiments

4. Regular Booster Technique
Now, just by intending with a light thought, I can get the amygdala tickle to activate and an instant quadrupling of the idling energies in the prostate activates fully, and out into the whole pelvic basin! I have done that right now!!! ...and they flow right out through the legs and trunk into the arms and hands and up into the head. Tongue to roof of mouth and get them coming down the front and into a microcosmic orbit. Intend a Calm Seas floating bliss orgasm and... YES... ...