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Fools rush in....

My helix arrived on Saturday, adhead of schedule. I was actually very surprised at the size. I guessed that it would be much larger at the head, but I can't say I was upset lol. I was also very impressed by the feel of the helix, the texture is very smooth, well crafted lightweight but extremely sturdy at the base.
I had everything planned out for my first experience, except for time. I preped everything, sodium phoshate enema, lube on in and on, and my fingers crossed.
Initial insertion wasn't bad at all, as with many folks I found that the helix slides right into place and stays in the right position. I didn't experiance any pain with insertion, a little uneasy at first but no pain.
What I noticed first was the large amount of seminal fluid that began oozing, as I shifted and turned more and more began pouring out and it was extremely warm, not a bead, not a drip, but a steady flow of thick hot fluid.
As I said before, my poor time management was likely why I didn't achieve a "hands free" orgasm. I really didn't give myself time to relax and found myself so excited by the thought of a handsfree O that I just started working on contractions. My first attempts were erratic, and ineffective. Forty five minutes into my session I realized by wife would be home shortly, and we haven't discussed the Helix yet, not sure quite how to bring it up.
I could sense my body beginning to become adjusted to the Helix and my heart rate was kicking up when I decided to use manual stimulation to finish my session, which was the craziest thing, near flacid penis, one of the most volcanic orgasms I've ever had!

Reader Comments

Posted on 2010-03-04 14:46:05 by rook

Whoops. Skip the sodium phosphate. Use plain with tap water or if your city water has a lot of chlorine, filter it out or buy distilled H2O. Your streaming release is one type of HFO that we achieve. My guess though is that it wasn't triggered by any Aneros action but by the laxative effect of the chemical enema. Sounds like you had a major Tsunami at work there. Getting snowed in with a spouse and an Aneros isn't all that bad !!!