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As I read through the Aneros web site, viewed the testimonials, I actually became very intrigued about the possibilities and claims surrounding the Aneros. I'm familiar with human A&P, and I've been working with meditation for about six months so I'm really looking forward to trying the Helix. I live an active lifestyle, try to eat right, although over the last two years I find myself working 50+ hours a week and I must admit I don't make it to the gym as much as I used to.
So I would say I'm an average guy just looking to see if and how the Helix changes my life. I guess I don't have many expectations, though I would be thrilled if the product works for me. My wife and I pass each other so often, and though we have a great relationship I do find myself alone in bed quite a bit, so if things work out maybe I can incorporate it into our sex life. I'm a firm believer in baby steps so right now I'm just waiting on the mailman to deliver.
I look forward to reporting on my experiences in the next couple days, if we're not totally snowed in again!