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Oh my god!! Used the helix for the first time last night and I can still feel the tingles. Amazing sex with the wife.

A few weeks ago my wife mentioned getting a replacement vibrator. My mind got going and soon we we looking at sex toys. Had a good session and got to talking about fantasies, things we want to try , etc. We've been married more than 20 years and I love her deeply. I have never said anything about prostate play before. Probably because I really hadn't thought about it. As I read more about the toys, prostate play seemed more and more intriguing. I worked up the nerve to tell her I was interested in trying somthing with the prostate. She was surprised, but accepting. Her openess made me feel even closer to her. She wasn't thrilled with anal play, so the aneros made sense. I could put it in and she wouldn't have to deal with it. Just the effects.

The helix came the other day. When we went to bed I showed her and asked if it would be ok if I tried it during our sex that night. She said yes and I lined it up and slipped it in while she lay there naked beside me holding me. The feeling was incredible. I was oozing precum like crazy and practically writhing on the bed. The foreplay was great, but the sex was amazing. I was rock hard and thrills running all over my body. Thrusting missionary style was incredible. Each thrust in her thrust the aneros against my prostate. I came like a fountain in her in a truly earth-shattering orgasm. Even after I took the helix out, my body continued to experience shudders. A day later thinking about it still does.

I still want to spend some sessions by myself to try to get to the Super O, but the value of this has far exeeded the price just for the excellent sex with my fabulous wife. The helix is great, but even better is that I love my wife even more for sharing this amazing experience with me.

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Posted on 2010-02-21 14:27:42 by

Congratulations on a great choice.

We started exactly this way on Valentine's day of 2009, also with the Helix. I didn't start my solo journey until May.

After a couple of months we toned down the Aneros intensity with a switch to an SGX for foreplay & coitus. That seemed to improve my sensitivity to my wife's more subtle movements--a matter of 'balance' in what I experience.

Enjoy !!!

Posted on 2010-02-23 08:51:13 by Voyager

It is good to hear that you have the support of your partner.
I share the same good fortune as well.
Good luck with the road before you.

Posted on 2010-04-10 15:03:31 by DORSAI

from DORSAI,
Can You point me to the area of this site that explains how the ANEROS stuff is supposed to work?
I only have dial-up and cant seem to get to explanations easily.
Many Thanks ( anybody reading this is welcome to answer)