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First Super-O?

I really didn’t set out on tonight’s adventure with any real sense of expectation. I had thought I would just fill in between last night’s great session with my Helix and an eagerly anticipated session tomorrow night when I plan to try out a modified Maximus. The purpose tonight was merely to do a few muscle-toning exercises.

I prepared the 20mm (second largest) Peridise with a film of Shea butter and inserted a plug of frozen Shea butter into my rectum. I also applied a hair band around my penis and scrotum as suggested by “magma1984” in his Aneros Post “Go away, I’m in Super-O territory!”

After retiring, at about 11:00PM, I had to wait for about twenty minutes for the bedside clock-radio to switch itself off before the action was able to begin. This is a good time for complete relaxation.

At first, there was nothing particularly remarkable but I was able to receive plenty of pleasant P waves and a few mild anal orgasms before midnight. I did tend to drift in and out of light sleep during the next few hours, but the action recommenced immediately on waking.

I reckon it would have been at about 1:30AM when things started to get serious. By this time, I was receiving some quite strong orgasms. At one stage, there was a period of at least half an hour when I was continuously on the edge of orgasm in the same way as I have experienced a couple of times before with the Eupho and once with the Maximus.

I imagine that it was at about 4AM when, upon waking, I immediately went into a strong but very localised orgasm that also involved strong involuntary twitching of the toes (especially the big toes), my buttocks and upper arms. This resulted from very slight but rapid pelvic thrusting. The effect was to cause the muscle complex around the device to clamp onto it, so that the entire length of it was essentially locked in one position. This was accompanied by an intensely pleasurable sense of being about to cum, but confined entirely to the prostate and rectal area. It did not spread even to the penis, perineum or testicles, let alone to any other part of my body. Apart from the localised sense of pleasure, the other movements were not of themselves at all pleasurable. By consciously relaxing the anal muscles, all of these responses died down but, on resuming the pelvic thrusting tensions, all of them returned with the exception of the twitching of the upper arms. I repeated that process once more; the whole series of three events taking a period of perhaps five minutes. I believe that what I experienced could be described as my first foray into Super-O territory!

In summary, I would say that even many of this evening’s anal orgasms were more pleasurable. During the next hour and a half, I experienced a couple more anal orgasms, including perhaps the strongest and most pleasurable at about 5:45AM.

Soon after that, I decided to terminate the session, firstly to get some serious sleep and secondly to provide a little extra time for my system to recover before tonight’s Maximus session!

I should also note that tonight’s session involved quite a few wonderfully erotic fantasies!
If this really was my first Super-O, I would never have guessed that it would have been provided by a Peridise, and not even the biggest one at that!

Whilst the Super-O (if that is what it really was), itself didn’t seem to be an awful lot to write home about, its after-effects are worth noting. My whole body felt charged with an unfamiliar energy and almost any part of it that I touched responded in an almost sensual way. Even touching any of my limbs was quite strongly pleasurable. This sensitivity lasted for several hours, and didn’t really go away until I got up.

Reader Comments

Posted on 2010-02-19 00:16:09 by LivingLarge

Sounds like your well on your way and my guess is you did experience you first super-o. My first I also though it was awesome but I also felt it would get better and it truely has. My first experience was good but now it's outstanding. Congratulations and anticipate more!!