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My Journey: A Prologue

I have been a spectator of this community for a number of weeks now, however after an experience last night I feel the time has come to become an active member of the community.

Firstly a quick introduction, I'm 25 and have been aware of the Aneros products for a couple of years now at one point I came very close to purchasing one but for whatever reason I never went through the purchase, I did purchase the Hypnareosession mp3 however. Anyway my interest in this product has been piqued again and am seriously considering purchasing one, although I am torn between the MGX and Helix models, if anyone can give me any recommendations with pro's and con's for either models it would be appreciated.

After doing some late night studying for college, I was slightly wired and pretty horny. I found myself drawn to the forums reading peoples experiences the idea that I could train myself to have these sensations was getting me pretty worked up and not to mention slightly green with envy at all the people having success with the Aneros. Then I remembered I had the Hypnanerosession, so I quickly downloaded it to my iPod and got into bed.

I got comfy and hit play and waited, now I admit I wasn't expecting to feel anything, due to the fact I was missing a vital piece of equipment. My first thoughts were that the lady they got to do this track has one of the most seductive voices ever. It didn't take me long to be hanging on her every word. As I listened I found myself become both extremely relaxed and at peace but also quite aroused, even more so than I though I would be. This was a pleasant surprise and I can see how this is going to help me get into the right frame of mind to relax enough to enjoy this toy fully. As I relaxed even more my skin started tingling as if being caressed by feather light touches all over my skin. This was amazing, such pleasurable sensations without any physical stimuli, surely not? Well it got better, during the part where she asks you to focus on the "ember" in your prostate, I experience something I have no words for. From my prostate I had this warm gentle tingling sweep across my body, from this single point, like a pebble dropped in a pond, with my prostate at the epicentre. The only thing I have read that this may be is a P-Wave however as I didn't have an Aneros inserted I am doubtful. I have decided to call it a P-"Ripple" as although pleasurable it was not very intense. I had a couple more of these slightly pleasurable feelings although not as pleasurable as the first, echo's almost, this could be because the first was a shock. When I reached the point where she encourages you to start touching yourself it brought me too far out of trance and was unable to get back to my previous state. When I awoke this morning I had a bit more spring in my step. All in all a pleasurable hour that relaxed me enough to fall straight asleep. If anyone has any thoughts I would be grateful for feedback. Has anyone had similar sensations from this recording without the use of an Aneros, or been so relaxed that they have had similar experiences? I cannot wait to get started now, if last night was anything like what I can look forward to, I'm in for one hell of a ride.


Reader Comments

Posted on 2010-02-08 22:48:22 by larime


Your description of the HypnAerosession has perked my interest. Can you give me more infor about the m3 download vs the 2CD'S. Did you have any problem down loading to your mp3 library. I am thinking that the purchasing of the cd's and then ripping them would be easier than the actual download.
Appreciate your input


Posted on 2010-02-09 18:27:06 by sketchy


glad to hear my post has perked your interest it this, I really rate it! In answer to your question I found the mp3 download pretty painless no harder than downloading from itunes. Depends on your preference at the end of the day though. I would probably say the audio quality will be marginally better on the cd version and then you have the choice of what bitrate you want to rip the cd's at for your player. I am an impatient person so I went for the quick option :D

Hope that has answered your question and good luck if you decide to get it.