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It's been a while

So yeah, when I originally started my blog, I meant to post more often. I haven't had many breakthroughs, so I felt I should put it off for a while.

Ever since my last post, I've been taking longer breaks between sessions. Mainly due to different stresses and time constraints. Last week, I finally had some time for myself, as well as the home entirely to myself.

After my regular prep routine, I started up the Hypnaerosession and relaxed. Played it through my speakers, instead of my headphones, since I had several hours of alone time.

When the audio finally got to the point where it suggested I start my contractions. I found that my prostate responded with a more pleasurable feeling. This really excited me, so I pursued this feeling more aggressively. The feeling wasn't something felt throughout my body. But I was extremely pleased that I was beginning feel progress.

After taking a few days to think about this. I still expect the road toward the Super-O to be long. It's these sorts of breakthroughs that encourage me to keep going.

That's it for now.

Oh, just wondering, did any one else get an e-mail about Anero's Valentine's Day special? I know that the Progasm is more of an advanced model, but the deal really was too hard to pass up. If anyone wants to, I'd like to read some advice or opinions about the Progasm.

Reader Comments

Posted on 2010-02-14 17:09:58 by LivingLarge

I love all my Aneros tools. I have the Eupho (my favorite) the Helix and the Progasm. I have been able to super o on all of them and the Progasm was the tool I had my first super o with. For me, once the ice was broken (my first super o) all the Aneros toys will send me over the edge. It only seems to get better and better.

Posted on 2010-05-30 21:24:30 by cmf

Hey "Hey Dude."
I am a newby to this too. I had wrote a few posts here and there. I found this site by accident but got intrigued. Bought some cheap smaller knock off at are cheesy adult shops here. The thing had no directions, I had the thing upside down I found out. But even right side up then, it just didn't hit the spot. On a wim, I ordered the Progasm. I only knew of KY at the time and gave the Progasm a try. The 1st time, had some good sensations, no super o. The 2nd time more intense, but no Super o. 3rd time, like a charm! I read older blogs and tried what a user did. Put a base coat of petroleum jelly, then a top coat of KY on the Progasm. Do the usual prep. I put this ocean wave sound track on and have the room dark. I had a couple of drinks and was ready to go. I think when you are relaxed and not stressed this is the key to success. I did the 15 mins of breathing exercises, and breathe deep from the stomach. Then on to the contracs. I do 5 full contracs, 5 med contracs, and 5 smaller contracs, then back to 5 full contracs, while holding the contracs for about 10 seconds on the last 5 reps. I relaxed and did the breathing exercises again I started up the contracs again, On the 3rd cycle, before I even reached the 10th one, bam the toy took over. I shook, convulsed, and was ending upside down on my head in bed, it was that good. I was possessed, in in an awesome way. Then it slowed down for a bit, then started up. I felt like I was riding these waves of orgasms. Very intense. It went on for about 4 hours. Just keep at it. I had about 20 big and littler orgasms that night. I was thrusting, thrashing, and even hitting my head against the headboard, and didn't even mind beacause the orgasms were that good. I think my neighbors heard me too, because I heard someway saying "Damn!", from behind the fence that nigtht too. Lol! Anyhow, eat well, be hydrated, be rested up, and relax is the key to this thing to work well. The right mood and frame of mind makes all the difference. Good Luck Dude! Keep at it!