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Kayserasera as Doris Day used to say, whatever will be will be. It is difficult (for me anyway) to stop thinking about what I expect from each of my sessions and to fully apreciate what actually happens.
I am by nature somewhat impatient and the more I read on here of those guys hitting the limits, the harder it is getting to start a session with an open mind and enjoying 'what will be will be'. Maybe I should stop reading the blogs and forum posts!!!
Some recent experiences have been new and interesting, particulally the electric shocks. I can get the involunteries going quite easily now, but the most they have been leading to is what I call my electric shocks, sudden and rapid jolts or spasms through my abdominal muscles and sometimes through the calf muscles, which although a very nice experience, my brain keeps asking for more ( and the text box on the blog entry still needs a tweek as I cannot see what I'm typing now!!!!)
I have put my aneros to one side for a little while, absence makes the heart grow fonder, so the saying goes. I may be impatient for what I know is possible, but when I know somethiing is worth waiting for, I can be very patient. When I first joined the community, it was strongly suggested I get a Helix, this I will now do.
Will stop now, very weird typing when you cannot see what you are typing!!! Is this a way to try and keep entries short???!!!!

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Posted on 2010-02-14 17:11:56 by LivingLarge

This IS worth the wait and effort.