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Joy of Soft Penis Sex Part 5: Solo Soft: The Master Organist and The Sultan of BagJazz!

The Master Organist

The benefits of this manoeuvre ( man+oeuvre ["work(s) of an artist!"] ) are many and varied, both in energies management, storage and movement, but also in energies generation, unique dry orgasmic opportunities and various combinations simultaneously.

Hands on Your Keyboard

This unique position is placing your hands palm down on your lower abdomen, with you middle fingers in the groove between your groin and inner thighs, your index fingers on top of the middle fingers. This leaves your thumbs on your lower abdomen along with your likely flaccid penis. Your ring and little fingers rest on your inner thighs.
Your middle/index fingers' first knuckles or so is over the main ligament connector that bridges from your leg into the pelvic connection near your scrotum. Your middle and index fingers are therefore able to move/massage the sides of your mound containing the inner penis and the testicular retraction canals.
Your scrotum and balls are on top of the mound, lightly brushed by your briefs or sheets or...

Energies Management

The great thing from an energies point of view is that you can feel and shift the yin chi in the perineum/scrotal-plus area felt with the middle and index finger tips, and the yang chi lower abdomen/pubic-bone area felt by the thumbs. I can even feel high power currents through the vagus and possibly pudendal nerves through the lower abdominal muscle and skin with my thumbs.
Finally you feel the potential for energies transfer and storage into the legs through the ring and little fingers. I have been able to make those energy transfers effectively. This shifting and balancing of energies is a great advantage when you are feeling highly charged with chi throughout your system. Along with appropriate grounding if necessary, this storage can enable you to hold great energies in reserve.

Essentially, the Master Organist's hands are the great switches carrying these energies where you sense, then intend, they are best stored, transferred or utilized.

The Cremasters Bicycle Generator

So, in addition to being able to shift and store energies, this position allows for exceptional energies generation, with or without your aneros in. I began VERY slowly and delicately making gentle circular motions with my middle and index fingers on the sides of the inner penis sheath skin just below my scrotum, and was getting responses from the testicular canal tissues and contents: the cremaster muscles and spermatic cords! These lightest tugs were connecting with the testicles and their root tissues both!
Brings to mind those ancient Polynesian navigators on long ocean voyages relying on their testicles detecting the patterns subtle waves and current pulsing motions of reflected waves off distant island shores to guide their way safely to their intended destination! Oh man!

This set off my K-spot between the anus and coccyx, then my prostate, then everybody else down there was awake and started pulsating. Fabulous feelings mounting and energies pumping and flowing into the abs, peri, and legs. Building building...
There are some unique orgasmic features in the pelvic basin orgasms I have during full penis retraction, and some of these have been learned and shared or were somehow invoked during this process.
Balls up top, slowly rolling around up there DELIGHTFULLY and causing the scrotum topside skin to brush lightly but highly stimulatingly against my briefs hovering just above. Through my hands I can direct these energies into abdomen, perineum or legs.

You asked about the penis! All this massaging has the sides of my inner penis tingling and little fireworks cracking there, WITHOUT stimulating an erection. My thumbs do respond to this by testing things by pressing on the corona of the sides of the glans firmly inward. Shots fire from there back into the prostate and the music escalates again. The chamber orchestra is in full pulsating crescendo...

The Master Organist's Bass Pedals Orgasm

Lots of energies delighting and then moving into storage. Butt the building, building of all this continues until two powerful great cannonades of fireworks in both feet!!, and all up my legs and throughout the pelvic basin in a fantastic new (for me) form of lower half simultaneous multiple orgasms of Super-O proportions repeating and repeating... That full tilt show lasted more than half an hour, and then slowly subsided while continuing to be just as entertaining.

All Together Now!

What I like is being able to generate, move and store all these energies by using the various fingers like playing a keyboard. To be able to generate major energies gently using two pairs of these fingers too is a huge and integrative opportunity. And then, if you like, pelvic basin, legs and feet orgasming like THAT!! This integrated energies work is astounding, IMHO! I was fully refreshed, packed with energy and ready to go when I did respond to the alarm clock 2 hours through all this. And I have been able to repeat this with it all starting up much more readily.

Thus The Master Organist!

What's next? Who knows yet? I'm still playing and integrating all five parts to date! :)

all the best orgasmic expeditions all


PS. The Sultan of BagJazz

As I reported earlier, I have been having these tingling pulsing sensations in the underside and sides of my scrotum when I have these higher energies levels, and mrs. a and I have taken to calling it bagjazz. She has a number of wonderful techniques to help transform it, cold fingers being particularly exciting part of some techniques!!! It is also this condition which call upon the Master Organist as an alternative resolution. On these other hands, they can also call up a suite of ecstatic music and orgasmic effects that I now refer to as "The Sultan of BagJazz"!