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Joy of Soft Penis Sex Part 4: Solo Soft or with Partner – Are you ready to play your Mangina?

Enjoying the unique special orgasmic feelings of aneros sessions with voluntary and sustained Full Penis Retraction, as well as the great added bounce of sessions using the Male Clitoris Massage technique described too in earlier posts here and by others as well in threads in the Forum, I felt it worthwhile exploring our pliable male anatomy even a little further.

As we know from experience, shaft skin is separate from the actual penis shaft and moves independently, below the fixed attachment points at the glans and at the base of the visible part of the penis merging with the lower abdomen/scrotal skin. So, when the penis is full retracted that shaft skin usually partly retracts too and the rest piles up at the opening into the internal penis chamber.

What happens if you gently finger your way into the pile of shaft skin and take it with your finger down into the internal penis "missile silo"? How far do you get in? Does it produce any positive feelings? What all can you contact down in there? This may be old hat for some or many, but new to me.

One morning on a solo family business trip, I awoke in my lodging room at 4:30 and felt the significant energies buzz that has been part of my life now for several months.

(More about that next post. For now, mrs. a and I refer to this as "bagjazz" because it is concentrated in the scrotum skin at the back and sides where it meets the perineum. And she has wonderful uses and relief techniques we've identified!!! ;))

Partly I was curious about those energies and their distribution within as I lay there in the dark and in an unfamiliar bed at about 4:30 am. I carry my Eupho with me and decided to insert and see what might happen generally A bit of saliva on Eupho and the autolubing my anal glands provide. Full penis retraction soon followed. My finger idly started gently finding its way through the layers of shaft skin and probing into the penis chamber a little.

No discomfort. Mildly pleasant sensations, but without stimulating the penis toward erection. Finger in further, whole first knuckle in. Lovely sensations in the testicle tubes and their creamaster muscles and the vas etc.! Just by moving gently toward each in turn. How far in can I go???! Without any strain or stretch feeling I was now in two full knuckles inside and I have sensations like a great contact and stim of my P-spot, as trained by Aneros P-tabs!!!

I have longer than average fingers so two knuckles in is a good 2 & 1/2 inches. Push to the perineum and its likely 3" at least. In addition this was all without any lube

Similarly, some nice reactions in the perineum skin and scrotal skin that I can caress here through the shaft skin from the inside!! Finger rotated inward and I am pushing gently on the side of the lower penis bulb that never sees the light of day, but is the tissue one is pressing through with the P-tab to massage/press the prostate with the other side of the penis bulb and its chamber wall tissues. SO, I can actually massage my prostate as much or more than the P-tab, even more closely and delicately as I choose!!!

I'm floating with all these again unique variations and intensifications of tactile and orgasmic sensations and energies amplifiying and floating joys!!! Eupho is gently massaging and doing its enticing variations too, often in response to my finger experiments with the different tissue touch points. Even my penis, at the glans, and through the light compression along the side, was enegized and transmitting joyful energies of a completely non-ejac/non-erecting type as part of this great underground party!!!

The great pleasures were so enveloping that I really lost track of how they were being produced. My prostate felt like it was in a mosh pit surrounded rather than slow dancing with one partner. Butt, not overly pressured or uncomfortable in any way. Singing and buzzing and electrifying as much or more than ever during a great Eupho session.

Suddenly it was 6:30 am and time to get up and get ready for the day ahead! I get up but I really don't want these sensations to stop until absolutely necessary. I walk into the bathroom, still floating, and start a bath running and then actually look in the mirror over the sink and am startled by the image of this older man (we all feel younger inside) with his hand and end of one finger that has disappeared into his lower abdomen where his penis should be!!!

Science tells us that we males and females all start with the same genital tissues as our foetal bodies develop and differentiate. How pliant the male reconstruction of these tissues is! To all appearances it looks like a woman massaging her G-spot with a finger mostly into her vagina in that mirror. But I don't feel like that at all. I feel like a man ecstatic. A man even more closely connected to his whole lower pelvic basin and all its wonders and delights!!!

So it must be a Man-gina!. A mangina then, another permutation of male genital anatomy, providing another Penis-NOT! access to ecstasies of the male genital orchestra. As one of the Aneros T-shirts says: "Have Courage!" Are you man enough to explore your mangina?! :)

Anyone else tried any/all of this? What sensations and effect?

Of course, there is no reason not to have your partner's finger also explore and gently articulate all the pleasures and ecstatic possibilities of your mangina. Mrs. a and I will have comments soon on this new variation of our Wedding Band sex position.

Any couples of any orientation tried this? What results for you?

all the joyous plug-in pleasure potentials and ecstatics all


NEXT: back outside and the triumph of the Master Organist!

Reader Comments

Posted on 2009-11-04 20:49:09 by STARR831

Artform --- I'm reading through your Mangina post for the third time today; and, each time my prostate has felt like "a mosh pit" surrounded by the most wonderful radiating sensations imaginable. I thought my ride to work was pretty nice, having experienced some terrific cargasms; but, when I opened your post a whole new series of waves brought things to a new level. While I'm not at the point of having my penis retract, I can imagine my finger going deep into my penile cavity and further awakening my testicle tubes etc. I've been able to stimulate those lower testicle connections by tweaking the surrounding muscles for some time now; but, your detailed description enters an even more delightful realm. Thanks for this new bend in the Aneros road, Artform! I can't say you've helped my need to focus on H1N1 contingency plans at work today; but, you've certainly added pleasure and tingling warmth to the very chilly air surrounding us here in Maine! Looking forward to the pending score from the Master Organist, Starr