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Joy of Soft Penis Sex Part 3: Solo Soft – The Wheel of the Galaxy – Full Penis Retraction

Following an early morning Quickie session recently, like the one described in Part 2, mrs. a had to get up and leave for an appointment. The difference this time was using my Helix instead of mrs. a's finger. We had begun this session with mrs. a lubing my anus/rectum and my Helix and inserting it lovingly into me. The Helix had been unusually quite mobile and massaged me to Super-Os and the great Super-T climax with her.

She climbed out over the colourful landscape d'amour we created earlier that morning with our recently acquired Liberator Shapes. I had long had the hunch that they might be the answer to the muscle pain and cramping that I get in too many desirable positions for sex. And was that hunch correct!! The Wedge and the Ramp and Whirls allow us now to do many things now for as long as we want, things that I previously could only sustain for a couple of minutes. This Quickie had included an extended time of cunnilingus by me comfortably and artfully bringing her to repeated full body, highly vocal, opening orgasms. Then into penis/G-spot and all the energetic orgasmic variations...

Filled with circulating energies and the ecstasies already, she cleaned, dressed and prepared for her appointment. I was also filled and motivated to continue as a solo session with the Helix. I had positioned myself on the Ramp with the base of my spine and butt on the Wedge, curving my back and supporting it comfortably such that my legs and feet were in the air above me, and my butt fully, roundly projecting out over our bed, and the Helix subtly, yet visibly, moving as it continued to massage me well and the energies kept right on pumping and flying around inside my body. Mrs. a watched for a moment with a smile as the Helix pumped and then turned, saying good-bye, throwing me a kiss, and left for her meeting.

Placing my hands up on my ankles, I began to feel an energies loop through each arm. My feet were resting sole to sole together in mid-air and I had had an energies loop quite active through my legs and lower abdomen complex since first assuming this position, which I later called The Wheel of the Universe during a KSMO Chat soon after this event (revised down to Galaxy!). The energies through the arms and legs both surging back down and through the lower abdomen/prostate and my prostate hypnotized by the gentle caresses of the self-propelled Helix, then energies levels hit "Above and Beyond" levels and I was through-the-body travelling around the galaxy.

When, after about an hour, my mind refocused into my body, I noticed something remarkable. My penis had disappeared!!! It had completely voluntarily fully retracted into my body, into the sheath that the whole length of it occupies, the normally visible and the anchoring root or bulb that we never see. No panic! Just that I hadn't seen that spontaneously happen since childhood.

I also noticed that I was building a new and different kind of complexly layered orgasmic energies unfolding in my abdomen, with radiation out into my whole body. Related to the boost one gets from the Male Clitoris Massage technique during an aneros session, this was even more pronounced and different, perhaps because of no massage and no holding the penis in retracted position with fingers as in MCM.

This was more like magic grains of vibrating, warm, light emitting sand appearing, different colours and frequencies in each orgasmic organ and the tissues and spaces between. Some felt hotter than a newly forming sun, yet painless. Their slow orbits in spiralling arms and the cycling of the whole collection kept also opening like blossoms and shifted me from occasional deep vocalizations to silent awe-struck wonder at the energetic power and ecstasies. The closest thing I can relate this to is the milder versions without the movement of the best of the MCM assisted orgasmic chains, and the Mitochondrial Orgasms.

Hallelujah!!! Hallelujah!!! Hallelujah!!!

When I settled back on earth and stood up my penis emerged just far enough that it had claimed a full new foreskin by adhering much of the shaft skin to the glans, the head of the penis. I was thrilled!! I have long considered some form of foreskin restoration having been cut like so many as an infant. When I sat down the whole newly restored assemblage fully retracted, leaving only a small volcanic cone of crumpled shaft skin with a little circular open centre, where deep within, one could see the urethral slit opening at the tip of the voluntarily fully retracted penis. Can soft penis sex/energetics get much smaller, ecstatically productive, and curiouser than this?

Bigguy recently also reported experiencing voluntary spontaneous full penis retraction during an aneros session. Anyone else?


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