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The Joyous Benefits and Art of Soft (and Semi-Soft) Penis Sex with your Female Partner: Part 2

The Inflation Cycles

Over time, Mrs. a and I found that we really enjoy taking the M/F Energies Balancing experience further and in a counter-intuitive direction. As we began to experience the energies exchanges more clearly and quickly, we also felt my flaccid penis taking that stimulus back to an ejaculatory circuit, or more frequently, a mixed circuits response and starting to erect, at least to semi-soft or slightly firmer state, what I have earlier here described as the "leatherman".

As this happens we do some "old fashioned" higher speed humping, until we have teased up anticipatory pleasures and more aroused excitement. This too does not take as long as it used to. Sounds a bit like premature ejac about to go off, yet Mrs. a is also getting this more rapid buildup. There is even a hint of edging to it sometimes. Very delightful for both!!

Right about then my body says: "Hold it!" (in every sense)! And wanting a great chain of Super-Os before anything ending in ejac, and wanting the mounting and distracting pains from earlier injuries to ease off, and having the ED timer run out of buzz; my penis deflates and we both are thrilled!

Why on earth do inconstant come and go, come and go..., inflations/erections/deflations/flaccid cycles thrill both the male and the female?? Because the energies flow more and more strongly in each following still bodies deflationary period with each voluntary genital muscles twitch and without them too. The aching muscles get to relax and rest, even briefly. There is no ED performance anxiety; we just go with its effects when they are part of this cycle. and we both love the humping arousal builds as much as the quiet energies exchanges, and the highly varied cycles of mindsets and expectations; the mixed mental orgasmic game!!...!!...!!...

Over time we have also found that these cycles work astoundingly well, even as intuitively we (and my penis) have shortened the frequency of the cycle as the amplitude of the pleasures has increased with experiences!! This is now our favourite and most anticipated form of Quickie session; great raw sex, as well as the ethereal bliss ecstasies, and virtually immediate Day-After butt buzz and continuing effects.

With the cycles now lasting 3 to 7 minutes, after five to seven cycles or more...(whatever comes naturally with no timing or thinking about it)... my body is taking longer to unknot and be able to relax into the energies. We rest a little longer, caressing. Mrs. a's caressing focuses in toward my anus. I reach out and get a palm shot of lubricant on one hand where she then lubes her fingers, and I smooth the remainder from my hand into my anus/rectum.

Mrs. a begins gently massaging my prostate. All the signals from our three plus hours of slow mutual prostate sessions are triggered again as well as the musical sense that the grand finale build-ups from the earlier cycles and any edgings are ramping up too. Leatherman is gradually taking shape as I have again begun active humping, slowly at first, butt gaining momentum.

The previous cycles have had great P-waves, mini-Os, and later bigger dry-Os, butt this is now building, unveiling, and giving forth ecstatic blossoms and muscular Super-Os in increasingly rapid (re)build/release impulses!! If we were setting this to music, it would be the final movement of Beethoven's Ninth Symphony: The Ode to Joy!! Build! Build!... Pause... Build! Build! Build!! Flow!! Flow!! Pause!!... Build!! Build!! Build!! Build!! Flow!! Flow!! Build!!... Explode!! FLOWS and FLOWS and Mini Explosions and deep body gutturaalll vocalizations of earth energies and cosmic energies onward and outward...

Stay together. Her body savours and sips my/our fluids. Up into and back through my again flaccid penis my body savours and sips her/our fluids as in reproductive sex, and yet the energies are Flowing, Flowing too and their ecstasies over top all else as deep relaxation sets in throughout, and bliss joy energies tingle all mingled body/mind together.

Talk about having your cake and eating it too!! For us, the Inflation Cycles enable this partially disabled geezer and his life partner to recall and again enjoy the "old" while thrilling to the "new" all at once: memories and newly expanding imagination (imaging of unspeakable realities) merging in the hyper-richness of all energies integrated orgasmic ecstasies.

Thank you Aneros!! Thank you KSMO!! Thank you both wonderful communities!! Thank you All!!

all rhythmic pressurizations and pulsations of prodigious pleasurizations returning all


Next episode: Solo Soft Reflections

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Posted on 2009-09-17 00:04:01 by needit_

a man cant get it any better i dont think