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The Joyous Benefits and Art of Soft (and Semi-Soft) Penis Sex with your Female Partner: Part 1

This topic has come up, so to speak, both here and at KSMO in threads and chats repeatedly over the last few months. The most notable and significant response for me is the unanimous, again to date it has been unanimous, and highly enthusiastic comments by women about their preference for a man who can be a skilful lover in more ways than the hard driving pylon, ejac and doze, apparently regardless of whatever clever and satisfying conventional foreplay leads up to the classic.

The following is Part 1 of a range of techniques that Mrs. a, my dear wife, and I have responded to and embraced enthusiastically as our "mutual prostates journey together" has developed and grown so radically, so deeply lovingly and mutually energizing beyond any expectations, and so out of this world experientially.

Male/Female/Yin/Yang Energies Balancing Intercourse

After mutual caressing, slowly and gently, with a bit of finger assist if necessary, enter your partner's vagina with your flaccid penis. Both deeply relaxing, stay still and feel the contact and sense of connection. Do not thrust. Do not move, even gently. Stay still. Do not thrust. You and your partner may begin to sense micro-"electricity" moving in each direction between you, through you genitals. This may take considerable time and repeated attempts before you start to perceive this mutual energy flow.

This is you receiving female/yin energies and your partner receiving male energies, until your systems achieve an energies balance, which you will each probably feel as subtly but deeply, and peacefully, invigorating.

Mrs. a and I just intuitively began doing this and found the benefits something we wanted to revisit regularly. That happened to increase our sensitivity to these energies and increase our ability to generate them at will at times.

Then we found the Dr. Rudolf von Urban M. D.'s theory and method of Bio-Electric Sex as one of many techniques set out in the David and Helen Ramsdale book Sexual Energy Ecstasy. His recommendation is doing the above for about 30 minutes, then having about 30 minutes of active thrusting/caressing of varied intensities without ejaculation. If ejaculation does occur, then stay linked together for a further 30 minutes.

We find the time can vary as experience with the technique grows, and we never actually timed a session rigourously. The benefits for both partners and the shared sense of vitality are wonderful.

Next: Part Two: Inflation Cycles.

Reader Comments

Posted on 2009-08-27 13:01:03 by alv

Artform interesting idea, much in common with Kamasutra and Tantric sex. I personally always liked the idea of quiet time during sexual union. After the initial vigor, the relaxed and quiet time recharges and is highly arousing as tiny movement is often much more and highly erotic. To start with a limb penis is new for me - must try it some time.

Now I am curious "Inflation Cycles" even google cannot help me on this one!

Posted on 2009-08-27 15:27:47 by Love_is

Wonderful post artform! :)

I've experimented a bit with bio-electric sex with a few previous girlfriends. As I have the Sexual Energy Ecstacy book also. We never did it enough to recognize the full benefits of it. But we both liked what we experienced. And I think now that I am older, wiser, and Aneros/prostate experienced that it will be a more rewarding experience to share next I try this. Thanks for typing your thoughts here.