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A New Use for an Old Porn Standard

Plan to blog much more about this fantastic new experience, but this first entry just wants to share a great arousal discovery I made last night/this afternoon.

It was night 5 last night and day 6 this afternoon of "my Aneros enlightenment." Had napped for a couple of hours (after going ALL night) with the Eupho inserted, and woke up and got back to it.

Throughout my first week, orgasms seemed dubious. Was quite sure I'd been close to a Super-O, effectively finding my way "within its perimeter," but surely hadn't broken through to one. But the "regular" orgasms were much more confusing. Couldn't feel sure if I'd had them or not. Many episodes of extremely heightened arousal seemed to just tucker out, with a sense of relief from the tension but not the euphoria I'd associate with orgasm.

Isn't it interesting how we men are learning to understand the journey of women who haven't discovered their own orgasms yet? We are trying to find our way to an experience we can't imagine, find a potential that's hard-wired into our bodies but with no muscle memory that knows the way. Thus, I think my "are these orgasms?" above correspond very directly with the sexual experience of many young women. (And in both cases, the answer turns out to be no.)

Thus, with four days of experience, a new Eupho that had just arrived, the freedom of being on vacation, and some extreme mind-alterants, I set out for a big new adventure. The night was spent alternating back and forth between a floor cushion and a seat for my computer, two different Aneros models, and five different stimuli: sensual music through the stereo, audio porn on my iPod, and silent solitude on the floor, and video and photographic porn on the computer. The value of the photography quite surprised me and is the basis for this entry.

I grew up both loving and lusting over Playboy models in the 80's, a real golden age in their work, if you ask me. Generally sweet-looking approachable goddesses that I not only wanted to ffkk but wanted to know. That is, I adored them (and their imaginary personalities) as much as I wanted them. So when web porn came along in the 90s, I obviously headed straight for sets of sweet girl pictures. (And it was always sets so I could linger over many different dimensions and perspectives on the same girl, in effect building up and savoring my "lust crushes.")

In the 2000's, I found myself transitioning to video instead of pictures, first masturbation vid, and then vanilla hardcore. Poking through slideshows of pictures didn't do so much for me anymore (though I never experience that sweet adoring feeling from vid). However, I'd found a sensational young model at named Layla, and was so taken with her vids that I downloaded her picture sets too. And thus, pictures sets have now (unexpectedly) come roaring back into relevance for me now!

Here's the point (finally):

I used to arrow through slideshows manually, so I could linger or hurry as I pleased, but last night I wanted to take my conscious mind and decisions out of the equation, so I set the pictures to auto-advance (every four seconds). And thus I experienced a radical new stage of my journey with the Aneros.

I found that as the pictures advanced on schedule, they created a rhythm of their own (i.e., much less randomly timed than other porn options), and that I could ride this rhythm even as I was surrendering to the rhythms within myself. As each new picture popped up, I felt a new wave of arousal, either of affection, lust, or even photographic admiration! Some shots didn't do as much for me, and didn't up the ante per se, but maintained the rhythm anyway. Most shots, however, stimulated a new height of the building euphoria, one after another, creating a steady rhythmic escalation. Each one built upon the previous sensations, intensifying throughout my erotic areas, and especially gathering in my erection.

Last night, these and all my other options produced the same ambiguous/maybe climaxes, but this afternoon, with the pictures specifically, I had my first undeniable orgasm, the kind that feels like it's painting the ceiling with spew even though it's dry. And then I did it three more times (twice more with the pictures, once without) to get better at it.

Basically, it requires
1) generally keeping the internal pressure applied steadily on the sweet spot inside to maintain the pleasure voltage, and
2) letting the pictures keep stepping up the enjoyment of the internal pleasure, in effect throwing successive new ripples into the pond, while
3) consciously aiming that internal pleasure into the increasingly throbbing member, until
4) finally experiencing the euphoric whoosh when the body itself knows how to respond to so much pleasure "with no where else to go." If one can keep the pressure up on the sweet spot, and keep upping the ante of mental stimulation, the body will cave eventually. ;-)

The pictures also gave me a useful distraction (especially since they were new to me) of being as absorbed with them as with my experience, and therefore kept me from "micro-managing" too much "down there," and letting the pleasure pretty much build on auto-pilot. The only thing my head needed to do/worry about enjoying each new stimuli to its fullest and willfully focusing each euphoric reaction back into my hard-on. That was the one part of the process that had to be quite conscious to reach the euphoric eruption. But the payoff was more fulfilling that I ever could have guessed!

Oh, almost forgot to mention, but the picture sets were about 90 apiece, and I was easily getting off within 50 or 60 (so at 4 seconds apiece, that's only about three or four minutes). The last time was the first time that I willfully delayed it slightly (which wasn't hard). Point being: I think that kind of turnaround points to the potential of the strategy.

Also had a first "bare minimum" super-O this afternoon - no doubt - but was so hagged out that it wasn't so much extreme as it was a proof of concept. But that's another story. (I can't even get in that zone while sitting in a chair - have to be on my back - so pictures had nothing to do with it.)

Anyway, I hope the idea of "porn slideshows as independently rhythmic stimulation" proves useful for someone. It definitely helped show me the way to finally letting loose. Really an amazing experience (and especially being able to repeat it shortly thereafter), and I can hardly wait to dig in again.

Think my rear needs some rest after last night though.

ps/btw: the MGX is great - I really do like its ribbed stem - but the Eupho is THE ONE.

Reader Comments

Posted on 2009-07-19 12:20:09 by Love_is

Fantastic post Tremelo!

I definitely enjoyed reading it.


Posted on 2009-07-19 18:48:50 by Tremelo

Hey, thanks! It's a fascinating journey that we're on, isn't it?