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5th session

I started today's session intent on not touching my penis at all, and not clenching - just getting used to relaxing with the Aneros inserted. At first there didn't seem to be much going on but then I started to feel slight waves sort of washing over me and I could feel the beginnings of anal contractions, but they never hit me the way I had hoped, but they still felt really good. I then shifted positions and instead of relaxing as much as I could I clenched my ass, and raised it off of the couch I was laying on, and it felt really good, but still no mini or super o. I tried relaxing again, and could feel those same waves starting to wash over me, and my anal/prostate area, but still no spasm or anything involuntary. After about an hour or so I couldn't hold off any longer and ended up masturbating a bit, and came without getting rally hard, but it still felt good, and the orgasm was more centered in my prostate and sphincter.

All in all it was a good session, and I know it won't be long before involuntary spasms/orgasm hits me - I feel like it is waiting for me just around the corner...