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Fifth Session, Wild Times and Appreciating Lube

Hi Everyone,
Another Marathon Sesson into the wee hours of the morning. Focused on breathing. Tried a few different positions. For contractions, I spent a lot of time doing different reps of 20. The Forums and B Mayfield 's advice led me to focus on antagonist muscle contractions and bearing down. This feels really damn important. Like rhythmic breathing, which I have not come close to mastering - I sound like I am going to sneeze or something - I am not going to focus on this as a beginner. Just deep belly breathing, synchronizing contractions with breathing, and learning to bear down. Getting used to letting my belly full of air and a little push threatening to eject the Aneros device while I do my damnedest to hold it in. I expect a lot of this will be second nature after awhile. Right now, I feel like I am trying to master 12 different martial arts at the same time and that is a recipe for failure.
One cool take away was the realization that lube is critical for me. As weird as this sounds, I followed the advice of the how to push the device to the side and hold it in as you pass gas. I did this and a little lube shot out. Gross, I know but it actually lubed the cavity much better. I always use 3-4mL of lube injected via a little plastic syringe but this was different. Suddenly the Classic was shooting in and out of my ass smoothly. I had to fight to keep it in which meant more work for the muscles.
For some reason, I cannot cause an involuntary contraction to save my life. Every technique that worked in the past was a failure. I have a chair in my living room and I decided to lean over it on my knees. I rest my upper chest on the chair and my belly is free to expand over the edge as I breathe. It makes belly breathing really natural and every breath threatens to eject the Classic so I am making voluntary contractions to bump it against my prostate. I get a large, throbbing erection. I grab my laptop and focus on a little porn as I decide to have another sort-of hands-free orgasm. Tucking the scrotum between my legs while still on my knees, I voluntarily contract against my deep breathes as I lean over the chair and hump the air. I am rewarded with a nice orgasm to finish the evening.
Back to reading the Forums. Yup. Before every session I read the Forums and learn something new.

P.S. I have started to give myself enemas because the tiniest flakes of excrement prevent the smooth operation of the Aneros device. I drink a lot of water and am trying to decide in the once every two hour urination is a result of the Aneros device on my bladder or just a need to urinate. I know I actually do urinate a lot so maybe this is just me.