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-less on demand

-less Sessions - Lovely little gems.

Up until lately, they've been involuntary and unpredictable.

Well, had a few minutes of alone time this morning. I concentrated on my prostate and used sense memory to recall the bliss of a buzzing prostate. And, sure enough, the buzzing commenced and I had some lovely orgasms.

I had never done that before. Guess what I'll be doing a lot more of now?



Reader Comments

Posted on 2013-04-26 23:26:24 by artform

:D :D Ah man, another grand ceremoanial chamber of ecstatic luxury in the Orgasmic Energies Memory Palace!!!

Lifetime membership possibilities granted with each Aneros model you master or masters you!!~~!!~~!!~~~~~


Congratulations friend brine!! Hugs man!!

all the very best adept life and less and more at will all


Posted on 2013-04-27 00:18:48 by Neuro

congrats man! gave me some buzz just reading your post...reminds me to try "less" a lot more too! :(