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Week 4 part 2

What a great day! I have the house to myself, TIME TO GO CRAZY!!! It's rare for me to have the house to myself, but since I do its time for another session. I realized today that the nozzle to the fleet enema can fit on my bottle of lube. Now I can make sure I'm nice and lubed :) It really makes a difference if you have enough lube in you or not.

The involuntary contractions came on fast as they did befor and within an an hour I had another successful super O. I'm so glad I was the only one in the house because my moans and yells could have woken the dead. Thankfully I did't immediately cum like last time, this time I got to really enjoy every bit of it. I love how it makes my body shoot up in the air and slam back down on the bed all while I try to catch my breath and laugh through the moans. I was like this for an hour or more riding wave after wave. I wonder if a person could spend their whole day like this, if you could would you? Today wasn't the day to find out, plus it gets exhausting after a while.

I can't wait till next time. I'm so happy to have my helix, I even feel the urge to tell everyone to try one. Oh the looks I would get if I did that. Anyone else feel the same way?

Reader Comments

Posted on 2013-01-12 04:55:23 by aneros44309

"I wonder if a person could spend their whole day like this, if you could would you?" - You'd better believe I would.