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This was GOOD..

I had yet another amazing session this past Saturday night. I prepared the helix and myself with some Vaseline and Astroglide, slid the helix in and laid down on my left side with my right knee slightly bent. I closed my eyes and relaxed just doing nothing. I took nice slow, even breaths trying just to relax and see where things take me. I eventually started doing some short, hard contractions and the p-tab really hit my sweet spot. I could feel my cock becoming erect and the helix really going to work. I could feel my prostate really starting to get worked. I drew my right leg closer to my chest to increase the sensation on my prostate and hep draw the helix deeper inside of me. I could feel my heartbeat from my chest right down through my cock. I started to lightly caress my left nipple with my right fingers with heightened the sensations even more. It felt like I was a ticking clock as my helix pounded my anus feverishly. I reached down to rock hard cock and wiped the precum from the cockhead. I looked at the long clear strand dangling from my fingertip as I licked it clean. My ass was begging for more. I had no other thing to do but oblige. I coud feel my toes starting to curl up and my legs starting to twitch. I let out small moans as my prostate was getting worked like a piston. I didn't have to contract... it was doing it for me. My legs and arms really started to twitch and my head was thrown back as I was involuntarily curled up in a tighter ball. I could feel myself starting to build up a lot of pressure. I grit my teeth and grabbed the towel hard. My breathing was quick and short. It felt like my eyes were going to roll back into my head. Oh I wanted someone to give me a blowjob as I was getting pounded by the helix. A busty brunette with long red fingernails.... Oh my... I could feel the sensations of a major O building up... I let out a muffled groan as super O washed my away out to sea...