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Visual Blogs - Cocks and Male Pussy

I have posted about these visual blogs on the forum, but since, personally, I think they are so damn sexy, I want to be sure they reach a wide audience.

They are celebrations of male eroticism. If you are not at all tempted by the male body in states of arousal then they are not for you. But if there is an inkling of curiosity or you already know how sexy men can be, check them out. They do feature some male-male sex but the main focus is on showing how erotic the male body is.

There are two blogs: - featuring the part of our body that we aneros users have discovered is intensely erogenous. - featuring cocks that would tempt any pussy, whether male or female.

Reader Comments

Posted on 2012-12-21 09:40:27 by artform

Thanks again darwin the intrepid!! :D :D

Just as it takes courage for most men to first contemplate and then begin their Aneros Journey, it takes courage throughout to allow oneself to truly deeply relax and fully experience all of the effects.

As I have said when you and I have chatted previously, I am eternally grateful that a male friend and I decided to explore our curiosities in sexual intimacy with each other when we were 17; and that he found his true nature as a gay man, and that I found mine as a "straight-bisexual", that is:

1. a guy who enjoys the aesthetics and sensuality of his own and other men's being/embodiments/physical expressions without needing actual physical contacts,and

2. that he )me :D ( can enjoy such male/male experiences, his primary attraction is to women and he has been happily hetero-married and been able to integrate his Aneros Journey and related learning into his sex-life with his wife, he still enjoys and can share that enjoyment non-physically with male friends in forums and blogs like this, and

3. that allowing this to take us back to the very real continuing common physiological ground of male and female sex organ anatomy and nervous systems sensuality and the central role of male and female prostates in all these dry sexual/sensual orgasmic energies responses we develop and celebrate here at Aneros!!

Yes darwin, essentially straight/hetero-preferrenced guys can also naturally be open to the same as your feelings, experiences and your two celebratory blogs, and thanks so much again. All the very best on your continuing journey!!


Posted on 2012-12-23 16:46:26 by BigGlansDC

Hi Darwin,

I agree whole-heartedly with artform's sentiments as expressed in his first long sentence in his reply here.

Like most gay men, I adore the male penis in all its manifestations. The penis is a potent "tool" in the procreation of the human species, well certainty, along with a loving female partner. I have in many ways an aesthetic appreciation of the penis as one would have for flowers.

Likewise, the anus is situated in the "center" of a guy's butt. For me, there is nothing so erotic as the muscular butt of a guy who plays sports or works out, or, in my case, who walks several miles a day.

Thus many men are sexually attracted to the butts of other men. Many men also look upon another man's anus as a "mancunt," a place for anal copulation and love-making.

That is why I enjoy your two blogs very much.

Perhaps the greatest event of 2012, even of recent years, for me, was when I began using the Aneros. The Aneros has opened up an entirely new world for me, of anal eroticism, the massage of both of my anal musculature and my prostate, and the resultant affect of absolute pleasure for me!