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First -synful vibe session

Configuration: Helix -syn with DJ 7-function mini-bullet attached (rubber banded) to the curly-tail

Lube: toy coated with "alv's formula" Shea+Coconut, with three Xochipilli bullets as pre-lube

In my earlier -syn sessions I seemed to sense the lateral stiffness of the -syn but during this session I didn't feel that -- the -syn was more "invisible." This, possibly due to lube -- the earlier sessions were plain Vaseline, Vaseline with slippery stuff gel or Crisco+vegetable oil. I still don't have a lube preference for -syn. One note--- I felt empty so didn't do my usual rinse-out before this session. That may have been a game changer since my sensations were different than in earlier sessions. I also didn't note much toy movement from my breathing -- a possible signal that my lube was, crappy.

The biggest problem in this introductory session was finding a body position that allowed the vibe to do it's work unimpeded by cheek contact.

I played with various positions and postures to exploit the vibe sensations. I settled on mode #4 for most of this session. Mode #4 is a cyclic mode that sweeps in both frequency and amplitude about every two seconds. For my induction I chose to breathe about every six cycles (about 5 breaths per minute -- a bit slow for good Zazen but 'close enough'). Fully 'into' the session I found myself speed up to a breath every four vibe cycles which was easy to maintain.

The Helix-syn seems to ride further up in my canal than does a standard Helix. I sensed no need to maintain any anal contraction to prevent it from ejecting. The flexible p-tab is almost invisible and I tend to miss the p-tab message when I contract either voluntarily or involuntarily.

The vibe is a cool addition to the -syn and, as with the Vice, slight changes in body position or posture move the vibratory maximum around the perineum and canal. I had very little vibe sensation at the p-tab. I was able to move the vibe emphasis from the anal-PC juncture and upward to the prostate. The bulk of the mini-bullet made a lumbar pillow essential when I was on my back. Spread-eagle / butt-splayed position invited a bit of the anal-f*** fantasy that I get from the Vice; however, I find the Vice a bit more of a turn-on in that regard. Doggie was a fun position to explore the mini-bullet's various modes -- Mode #5 (pulsing) was my fave when on all-fours.

I finally adopted a semi-fetal position on my right side with knees positioned to splay my cheeks just enough to free up the bullet and tail from my cheeks while exposing my nips.

Vibe in mode #4, my nips came up faster and harder than from any other toy! Eventually, gentle nip action combined with Male Deer Exercise resulted in a HFWO (a rarity for me).

I'm not yet settled into this toy as well as I am with Helix or Eupho and wasn't making a smooth transition from Zazen breathing to p-waves and calm seas. Instead, the vibe was moving me from Zazen into an excited state that terminated in an hfwo.

Surprise was that during my Male Deer Exercise I was feeling no vibe action in my nuts or in the p-tab but there was strong vibration at the root of my shaft and that seemed to accelerate erection from my normal "chubby" to a full-blown hardon.

Clearly, more testing is required :)