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Five-in / Five-out

I added structure and denial to this session while generating some added lust and anticipation. Those well schooled in Tantra might offer some refinement to this cyclic routine.

The idea grew out of my practice of intermittent penis-dipping** during sexual foreplay, the physical benefits I perceive from Interval Training in the gym and my hallucinations when I divide an Aneros session into two well spaced segments.

I chose Dame Helix for these sessions since it's a good fit for me. Helix insertion has a nice sensual feel and it 'bloops' into place easily. It mates quickly my Prostate. My Helix still has it's tail so it's easy to remove and re-insert.

The routine is simple. Prepare your bedding-down location with an extra towel, some hand wipe, a lint-free spot to temporarily park your Aneros and an easy-to-read clock. Clean out and lube well then retire. Insert your tool of choice and note the time. Five minutes later, remove the toy and put it aside. After 5 minutes of 'vacancy' it's time to re-insert. Continue alternating, five-in and five-out until the hour mark. Then leave the toy in and mentally inhale the joy and pleasure. Opt for your own list of favorite stims or relaxations during each time segment; however, live by the clock.

I put a couple of Xochi's Shea Butter suppositories in a dish alongside my bed. I needed one of those at the 40 minute point.

Dealing with "Problems:"
-- It's odds-on that you'll not complete the structured hour without some sort of interruption (e.g. chain of dry-Os, mini-O, intense p-waves etc.) Prepare yourself mentally to deal with these 'issues' should they arise. I chose to stick by the structure of the hour then lapsed into a calm-seas state. OTOH, accepting 'failure' and permitting yourself a chain of dry-Os isn't a bad alternative.

enjoy .... rook

** dipping: See Urban Dictionary (has nothing to do with snuff)

Reader Comments

Posted on 2012-02-18 13:52:20 by hapticbear

Two questions:
a). Are you looking to move in a direction of gradually less in/more out pattern?
b). Are you aiming to training yourself to become Anerosless?

Posted on 2012-02-18 21:39:26 by rook

just playing with tease and anticipation while building energy. Sort of a fun thing to do.

Already do 'less sessions a few mornings each week. rook