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Zero to Hard without noticing!

Slightly horny all day, without time to do anything about it and wife very tired. After all settled this evening could feel the sensation from deep within building and knew what had to be done.

Usually I take my time to get ready for a session, but not tonight. My ass was ready and I was needy! I stripped and stood there looking at my nude; flaccid cock, but mischevious grin on my face. Bare minimum ass prep, then lubed up the Progasm and popped in the head.

Immediate bliss and involuntary contractions as my ass welcomed the pleasurable intrusion. I tried to go slow, as my brain told me I wasn't full loosened up, but my need wouldn't allow! I shoved the Progasm home and it was almost more then I could take! Had to lean against counter to not fall over!

My roughness surprised and delighted. My ass was spasming like crazy around the Progasm. I closed my eyes and let the feelings wash over me. No Super-O, but a great euphoria entranced me.

When it subsided a little, I opened my eyes and was startled to find my cock jutting strait out with a long string of pre-cum hanging from my piss hole slowly falling towards the floor, where a few drops already rested.

What amazed me, was during the whole time I prepped and inserted the Progasm, I never thought of my cock. The inner feeling drove me and my pleasure. I hadn't even noticed my cock getting hard or the flow of the pre-cum. I am definitely ass-wired!

Needless to say, seeing my pulsing leaking dick caused my ass to clamp down and I was off to the races! GREAT sessions followed!