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In the beginning

Lately, just the act of inserting my Progasm has taken on new meaning! Orgasm meaning that is!

I get myself prepped, then really horny with some web surfing. I head into the bathroom and in front of the mirror tease and lube up my ass. My cock gets ROCK hard and precum starts to drip in anticipation. Finally, I make the Progasm ready.

I get into a squat position facing the mirror and push the Progasm up against my taint. Right away my cock is jumping and more precum starts flowing. Slowly, oh so slowly I slide just the head of the Progasm in and squeeze hard on it. Oh the expressions I make with just the tip in and precum oozing out my cock! I used to just drip some precum until Super-O, but now its a steady leak with small puddles forming under my hard cock.

I'll just sit there and let the euphoria wash over me. Many times I have to lean on the counter to stay standing. I'm so ass wired now, I've started having dry orgasms with just the tip in as I watch myself in the mirror.

When I can't take it anymore I give the Progasm a little push and then my ass just sucks it all the way in and more bliss!! Sometimes another orgasm right there--really nice one tonight. I'm now well prepped for the phenomenal sessions that always follow!

Having a real hard writing this with Progasm in and constant cumming!!!!!!!