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Growing the Orgasmic pleasure.

I'm always looking for a means to expand the physical footprint of my pleasure. Rubbing fingertips together and jabbing one large toenail into the sole of the opposite foot are two of my old standards. Combining a skin caress on a documented acupressure point has also become a favorite. These techniques help spread pleasure to the peripheral parts of my bod.

Until now, most of my voluntary contractions have been in my pelvis.

So, I opted to use small brief voluntary contractions to initiate or stimulate an involuntary contraction or tremor when the energy build pauses. These are just brief pulses of muscle contraction.

I started with a brief voluntary contraction of one or both Pectoral muscles. The involuntary response is usually in my abs and forces a small exhalation of breath. Further Pec voluntaries yield echoing involuntaries traveling back up my abs. Several of these cycling events yields pleasure in my nipples, without even touching them.

Pulsing my Delts sends a chill down my arms. I don't yet know yet where this might be helpful -- just interesting for now.

So, when I'm calmed-out and floating after a chain of dry-Os or just 'stuck' during a 'build.' I experiment with split-second voluntary contractions of sometimes just one muscle or perhaps a left-right pair of complementary muscle groups.

I then "listen" for the involuntary contraction(s). Sometimes these are near the site of the voluntary. More fun though are those that rebound from a distant location.

Answering the involuntary contraction with either another voluntary muscle pulse and/or with a moan or guttural growling sound is a nice vocal enhancement that adds to the pleasure.