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Back in Black Progasm

I realize I've been long overdue posting anything here as it's been over as year. To summarize, I'm just about a month into my fifth year of Aneros use and still no Super-O's. But I do get very pleasurable sessions when I practice regularly. Which for me means daily. So I just keep at it and enjoy what I get out of it. Anyways, onto the meat of the subject...

I just had the best Aneros session in quite some time.

Let me back up some. I've mostly been on hiatus from Aneros sessions for the last six months or so while I was having a relationship. During that time I hardly touched the Aneros. Prior to that I was having pretty consistent pleasurable sessions with my Helix. No super-O's mind you, but quite pleasurable all the same. But since I started back up again the Helix did next to nothing for me in terms of pleasure. Although I will say that it took quite a number of sessions before I got past dud and mild sessions. So I could be wrong. But for the time being the Progasm is once again my ass and prostate pleaser of choice! And boy does it work well.

So the last two weeks or so I've been having almost daily Aneros sessions with my Progasm. Minus any ejaculation. And all this week the pleasure and my arousal have all been steadily increasing until tonight. I'd say the last five sessions or so I've been practicing with the relax and do nothing approach. But there is really more to it than that. What I concentrated on is completely relaxing my anal and rectal muscles. Once I do this I seem to get in a certain state and involuntary anal contractions start to happen and the pleasure starts to happen. Until tonight they were quite slow, and I really had to concentrate on the sensations. But tonight as soon as I was able to let go of my muscle control, the involuntary contractions kicked in quite rapidly. They were pulsing strongly and oh so pleasurably! And as I just relaxed and allowed it to happen, the pleasure built and built. And I had several times were I thought, “Oh my God! This is it, I'm going over into orgasm!” Of course it didn't happen. But the closest I had to it was at one point feeling my prostate swell and then this wave of energy rush up my torso to the crown of my head. The wave wasn't terribly pleasurable. But it wasn't bad feeling either. I was pretty proud of myself that I could allow myself to relax enough to let this experience happen. Very cool! I hope this continues to build in future sessions.

On a side note, I know my body is quite well primed and ready when during my pre-Aneros arousal building of looking at porn. I find that if doing more nipple stimulation gets me more aroused, that is a good sign that my body is in a good state! This came in very handy during the Aneros session tonight where I experimented with different nipple stimulation techniques. Both fast and slow, and soft and hard. Wow! That really added a lot to the session. It's nice that my nipples have woken up again! :D