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I don't know where I'm going but I can't wait to get there

Still no dry orgasm; still no super O; still no concern on my part. Every time I use my Aneros it's wonderful. Last night was as close as I've gotten to a dry orgasm; the HFWO I had was the driest one yet and I don't believe I shot any actual sperm, just fluid.

I am learning more and more every time. Contrary to what I expected before I got my Progasm, I'm finding that the most stimulating position for me is one that has worked for so many of you: lying on my back with my feet down and flat on the floor/bed. This produces immediate twitches and pulsations that give way within a few minutes to a sense of motion. Half the time it feels like the Progasm is moving. The other half it feels more like I'm moving against it.

If you scroll way down to my first post you'll see that I was craving the experience of the "auto-fuck." I'm not there yet but the other night I did have some brief sensations similar to ones I've gotten only from sizable dildos. Those sensations are not very localized. They're more a feeling of, for lack of a better term, "being fucked." It extends over a large area and feels like an intense urge to come. It only lasted for a couple seconds -- but that was enough!

Last night I noticed something again which I'd been thinking from the very beginning: I felt the greatest stimulation when the Progasm was something less than fully inserted. If the P-tab was about half an inch away from my perineum the sensations were exquisite. I am now wondering if the Progasm is really the right model for me or if a slightly smaller Aneros would work better. I just don't know, though, because I swear sometimes it seems like the Progasm doesn't go far enough. Maybe I'm just confused about my anatomy or something.

Anyway, I've yet to have a bad or disappointing Aneros session but there are times when it feels like something's not right. Not that I'm complaining about a toy that always produces a great orgasm. I just wonder if I'm matched with the right model.

Reader Comments

Posted on 2011-12-31 19:47:41 by RipTheJacker

forget about what's happening and don't try to analyze or categorize it mate ...

actually you'll soon enough find that "you may not know where yer going

... but yer making good time."

- rip