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Well I went even farther, bought helix and Progasm

Maybe it is the Christmas season maybe my desire to make this work, but I have ordered two more models of aneros. Helix and Progasm. I know I will have trouble with all the models I have, but I want to try and give each a chance. I have read that each model gives a different kind of feel, so I am up for it. If you think me foolish ok, let me know, but I am to the point where I want to try everything there is.

Reader Comments

Posted on 2007-11-30 18:57:25 by Ashlen

The way I figured it was that I'm going to end up with most of the models anyway, why wait? I like being able to switch up models from time to time, I think the Helix and Progasm are both great buys, you'll have some fun.

Posted on 2007-12-01 08:34:55 by whipped

I think each model has its benifits. I started with the sxg and now have the helix. They both work great. Im with you Im sure I will be getting another model soon. Enjoy!!!!

Posted on 2007-12-01 11:45:31 by mwhoim

thanks guys, have gotten to use the newest one I just bought, the Eupho, and I do seem to have a greater response. There is certainly a greater and different feeling in my anus, and I am close to feeling an orgasm, but haven't quite reached it yet. I know the last time I used it I was so close that I wanted to find the one thing that would push me over, but didn't. I have a feeling it was because I did not have enough time between then and the orgasm just before about 24 hours. I think I will try it again when I have built up some more sexual tension, that may just prove to be the trick, besides I think I need to let my innards rest a little before trying again. Ashlen, I do hope that you are finding the time you need to be alone, I know that is still one of my biggest problems. The other is making sure I don't drink booze before I start the aneros journey. Thanks for your input and I will let you know how things go with the new models. I am very eager to try the Progasm.

Posted on 2007-12-01 15:51:03 by Ashlen

"I know the last time I used it I was so close that I wanted to find the one thing that would push me over, but didn't."

Don't fall into the same trap I keep falling into, don't try to obtain the orgasm during your session, but just enjoy the feelings you are having. I honestly believe that if you can lose yourself to the pleasure, the orgasms will come, but if you try to make them come, they'll keep their distance. Every session now, I try to think that even if there wasn't another level, this pleasure is well worth using the Aneros, and I can usually relax more with that in mind.

"Ashlen, I do hope that you are finding the time you need to be alone, I know that is still one of my biggest problems."

It is a little difficult some times, but I can usually get some alone time. However, I think that I might have better results if I could have a session whenever I felt like it, when I'm feeling good. I'll be moving in three months, so things are most likely going to change, but I'm not sure for the better or worse.

Hope things go well for you!

Posted on 2007-12-02 14:13:16 by mwhoim

Oh there is one thing I have forgotten to mention. I have also purchased the marksman lube kit. This has to be the best way to make sure there is enough lube, and not too much. I love it . It is quick and easy, and just right. My only complaint so far with the preparation is getting my colon cleaned out. Not really good at it and still have some mess, not sure if this is interfering with my advancement.

Posted on 2007-12-03 11:11:02 by mwhoim

Ashlen, I just got my new Helix and Progasm. Haven't even opened them yet, but oh my God the size of the Progasm. I have a feeling I may have to work up to this one a bit. Back of the package says use only the PC muscles. Would you be able to explain a little better which ones those are? Have you used the Progasm yet? How did that work? I am getting ready to try this evening if I can find some alone time, but also a little nearvous about it. Hope to hear from you soon.