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Some help from the masters

First of all, hello to everyone. Currently im one of the newest members here and i really wish that we could build up a good relationship and have this journey together...

I bought the helix model 4 days ago and yesterday i completed my 3rd session...Even though i was super super excited with my purchase i have to admit that after completing 3 sessions of two-hours duration, still havent witnessed any major sensations...I am guessing that i want it to happen too much and maybe that's a reason why nothing is happening....Not even p-waves...just some minor body shivering and trembling...i will try to be patient but i would really appreciate some more insight of what i can do to feel something....i know that the super-o wont happen like this but i know i can wait and be patient as long as the journey is pleasurable...Guys anything will be much eager to learn more and feel more...Thank you all in advance!

Reader Comments

Posted on 2011-12-19 15:51:59 by STARR831

First of all, Lonely, welcome to a journey of remarkable potential. The longer I live, I'm now 62, I realize more and more what an awesome creation our male bodies truly are. I can appreciate your new found excitement upon your first Aneros purchase --- there is really nothing quite like it, is there? I have been on my journey for 2.5 years; and, I have no regrets at all. You are unique and special; and, therefore, your journey will be unique unto you. Always try to carve out enough time to relax and go with the flow. Never rush through ANY part of an aneros session --- from inserting your tool through your anal rings to the withdrawal and afterglow phases. And YES, be patient, patient, patient! Focus intently upon every sensation --- including the wet slipperyness of your lube, the coolness of your tool when you first insert, the wetness of your cum as it drips onto your leg. Enjoy the present and the journey itself will lead. I take deep full belly breaths, Lonely --- slowly. It is also important to have a regular schedule for your sessions; BUT, be careful not to overdue. I started out like you with sessions every day; but, then I backed off to an every-other-day routine. Once your body adjusts and starts to anticipate your aneros, your journey will be underway. If you are already having minor body shivering and trembling, then enjoy it as it happens. When your body is ready to go further, you WILL know. Well, Lonely, there are so many directions I could go in; butt, I'm going to let you take the driver's seat. I'd be glad to give any technical advice and all the encouragement you might want. Private message me and we can go from there. Relax and enjoy!

Posted on 2011-12-21 15:17:26 by deepinfocus

It takes time to learn how to use this thing. Be patient! I haven't experienced many of the same things you haven't experienced but the things I have experienced have been so good I keep coming back for more. I can say that so far every session is a little better than the one before. Last night I got some feelings that I'd previously only been able to get with a huge, awkward toy ...