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Lunar Eclipse -- Super Orgasms under the Full Moon

For nearly a month I was without any Aneros. I practiced my 'less sessions for the first few days but before the first week was over my arousal waned and my orgasms turned into 'near miss' affairs. Surrounded by family and business involvement I settled into a personal world where my Aneros inspired sensations became an increasingly distant memory.

Returning from the trip I set about to 'reactivate' my prostate-centered orgasmic being. Many factors like jet-lag, a pile of mail and deferred business matters posed distractions to my sensual focus. The 'old Rook' just wasn't on his game.

A Helix session last Wednesday produced a chain of dry-Os that offered the most promise I'd felt. Noon Friday offered a possibility of some mutual support with a scheduled Aneros Chat session. Chat finally started an hour late along with an attack of diarrhea, perhaps triggered by anxiety or a cold I caught on an airplane. I finally gained bowel control, got clean and saddled up with my well-lubed Maximus for a session of elementary Aneros contractions. The Chat session offered both mutual support. Well into the second hour I began to sense strong prostate bulk and sensation and a rhythmic sensual response to my breathing. I opted to swap the Maximus out for a new Classic.

Orgasm on the way: As I relaxed into the more 'distinct' elements of the Classic, I could feel the familiar tinge of mild nausea encroaching on my Dan Tien. Then my rhythmic breathing began to invoke involuntary contractions of my Latisimus muscles and the fascia surrounding of my rib cage. No doubt, many familiar Aneros sensations were taking over. As the Chat session moved onward, there was little doubt that the 'old Rook' was returning. The surfaces of my fingers and thighs longed for mutual rubbing. However, a nipple flick produced nothing.

I happened to stumble across a news note on the web regarding the forthcoming lunar eclipse. Realizing that a full-moon opportunity was in the offing, I discontinued participation in the Chat session and cleaned up my tools for an early morning session.

About the time the moon approached it's Zenith over my 'twenty' I prepped with a warm rinse, lubed up and headed for bed. I choose to start the session with Max and swap out to Dame Classic in lieu of my usual fave, Eupho. Our Guest room has a west-facing window with a clear view of the forthcoming eclipse.

As the Moon continued onward to it's rendezvous with the Earth's shadow I re-built the energy in my Dan Tien with Maximus. The feelings progressed rapidly and I satisfied the craving in my thighs with some deep massage followed by strong strokes stretching my penis between my legs. The hairs along my triceps asked for some stimulation. Satisfying that led to increased sensations in my lats and rib cage. My breathing began to sync with the feelings in my rectum and I realized that if I wanted more it was time to bring Dame Classic into my body.

While I knew the swap of tools was a step in the right direction, it took a few minutes for the Classic to settle onto my prostate and it's large p-tab to establish it's property rights in my perineum and cuddle up to my ball sack.

Now, almost two hours into my union with the lunar eclipse my breathing, still rather shallow again synced with involuntary rectal contractions and my prostate warmed to the occasion. Superimposed on my breathing was my pulse, now building in both frequency and intensity. My body exuded a thin coat of sweat and the first swell of orgasmic energy enveloped my abdominal core and chest. I closed my eyes and lost view of the lunar eclipse shadow as my body fell into the first orgasm.

I gulped some PowerAde from the bottle on the nightstand.

The next orgasm started visually with a small dark target in my field of view. Within that 'spot' small arcs of light spun in a circular path. That orgasm persisted for less than a minute when I felt the point on Dame Classic engage my prostate again. I was torn between an 'urge to pee' and the promise of greater things to come. I sensed direct communication from my bladder neck directly to my center of vision. The pressure from Dame Classic's pointy tip intensified the small spinning target in the center of my vision. The tiny electric 'arcs' circled in the target like small worms. I gulped as my breathing stopped and an intense series of three or four pelvic contractions announced a massive dry-O. I opened my eyes to view the Moon then closed them again to reveal the unfolding of waves of brilliant color surrounded by bright brass-like frames. A wave of warmth and a thin coating of sweat covered my body. The orgasm faded a bit and I instinctively moved the point on the Classic onto the intersection between my bladder neck and prostate. The 'urge to pee' was a bit less this time but the feeling of glorious warmth propagated into a wave of pleasure that radiated toward both my toes and scull as I opened my eyes to view he moon. I could feel sweat oozing from my pores. My penis erected and I successfully dodged having a HFWO even though the tension in my penis bulb and anus approached a level of dull pain. I suppressed the orgasm and relaxed back into a state of easy breathing with only mild muscle tremor in my arms and legs. I swallowed more sports drink.

I wondered how my nips might respond and flicked my left nip. Within a moment it erected and quickly engorged to nearly match the size of my wife's nips. The sensation from a gentle rub was intense and sent an electric message to my rectum, prostate and penis bulb. I erected again and once more avoided a wet-O. The session had turned into a sparing match. I forced meditative breathing and opened my eyes to enjoy the view of the nearly blacked-out moon. Closed my eyes and focused on just my breathing to suppress tremor in my arms and legs.

As I reached, 'nothingness' I sneaked a peek at the moon and realized that it would soon sink below the window sill. So, I returned to my left nip for some stim. The reward was another build of passion starting in my prostate then taking the usual path from my Dan Tien to Chest Chakra. The speed of progression had blinding speed. The nip again swelled to super-size and presented my fingertip with more nerve endings than I had ever sensed before. My left foot called for some stim and I granted that with my right toenail. The ensuing electric shock traveled up my left leg and attacked Dame Classic's p-tab.

The pressure on my prostate felt like it had been compressed inside a capsule of tight leather. That pressure exploded through my pelvis then throughout my body core. My breathing stopped as though the wind had been knocked out of me on the football field. My abs flexed to contain the pressure. That resulted in simultaneous 'blow-outs' of sensation in my crotch and head. My visual field was struck with a flash like a lightening bolt. Muscle tremor was a cross between a cold shiver and the more classic tremor I sometimes get early in an Aneros session. I could feel myself ascending onto a pedestal under a black sky. A breeze flowed upward along my naked skin and I sensed energy being directed from afar.

Out of energy, out of breath, and with reserves all gone I relaxed into my 'pool of sweat.' When I stood to see over the window sill, the moon had set.

Having usually lagged in desire and lust until a few days after the full moon, I'm now a convert.

Reader Comments

Posted on 2011-12-17 01:13:51 by J4

I don't even tell my wife its a full moon anymore - stuff just happens hard. There's no explaining it...

Posted on 2011-12-17 01:14:31 by J4

I don't even tell my wife its a full moon anymore - stuff just happens hard. There's no explaining it...