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"Setting the Stage" with a sensual shower.

Warning: Sorry guys this plugs a specific product I've grown to like. Please don't think of it as spam, just an honest suggestion that might add to your pleasures. I don't have a financial interest in Unilever or in its ad agencies.

The story: My Doc was freezing a couple of suspicious skin lesions and noted an itchy rash on my abs. She suggested a change of bath soap to "Dove." A week later I saw one of Dove's "Man-hide" commercials -- -- and bought a squeeze-bottle of their body wash. I'm a bar-soap guy and rather unimpressed by body washes from wall dispensers at the gym or in a hotel. But, this one is different!

This stuff squeezes out of the bottle containing something that feels like a bunch of soft beads. As it's smeared across the skin, the beads dissolve and exude a pleasant fragerance. No suds or bubbles, just a rather sensous substance that seems to rinse off easily. It leaves a sense of being clean and a scent that's pleasant as I lube up and bed down with my Aneros. The scent plays well with the aroma of Shea Butter and Coconut Oil.

The overall, pre-session effect provides one's sensations with a nice finale to the pre-session douche action. This sort of erases any sense of 'dirtyiness' when an ill-timed or over-sized rectal rinse turns brown. If anything, the end result is a douche-shower routine that is no longer a 'neutral' experience but one that I anticipate and look foward to in its own rite. Definiely one that prepares my mind and body for the Aneros experience much as described in the "Setting the Stage" article in the Wiki -- --.

The skin where I shave has a nice sensitive texture and, where body hair remains, the follicles seem more sensitive to my own caresses and to those from my wife's fingers.