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Morning Joy AND So Much More!

At the age of 62, I am more and more aware of the pace at which I am growing old. It happens to all people; but, now, I am consciously aware the end of my earthly life is closer with each passing day. Each time I look into a mirror there is another droop or sag. I've had ear surgeries, heart surgery, back surgery; and now, I have a condition my doctor calls neuropathy. My legs are stiff when I go to stand up; and, I doze off whenever I sit to listen to anyone speak for more than ten minutes. There's no doubt about it, I'm getting old. The one area, however, that does not hurt or feel older OR fail to work is my manly area down below! AND I don't for a moment take it for granted nor feel it is an accident!!!

This morning, in the darkness of our bedroom, after my morning prayers, I decided to use one of my long neglected peridise. I chose the one that had the largest end bulb, applied some K-Y Sensitive Gel to my anus and tool, and inserted it into place. I sleep nude, so I assumed my usual fetal position, breathed deeply and just relaxed. The cool quietness surrounded me; and, I found myself rejoicing to my God about these times of closeness with Him. In the moments that followed, my rejoicing became intense praise unto Him --- a spiritual oneness unmatched in intensity by anything I have ever experienced.

My anal rings clenched the peridise tightly; and, the familiar tingle at the base of my penis grew and grew and grew. With swelling warmth and upward momentum, the waves lifted my pulsating prostate until my left breast gave its gripping signal --- the super O was to immediately follow. My frail frame convulsed again and again; and, tremors shook me for minutes at a time.

Memories of standing naked upon the granite of a mountain top and of oneness with my Beloved became vivid in my mind as I praised my creator God for His grace and mercy upon His humble servant. If this is but a faint whisper of the intensity of my eternal worship of Him, I am overwhelmed with joy and anticipation!

For about half an hour, I rode the waves in joy. At the end of one and before another started, I slipped the peridise out of my anus --- then slid my right middle finger down my back, along my butt crack and in through my anal rings. Once fully inserted, I pushed the fingernail side of my finger firmly up against my prostate. My rectum closed tightly around my finger; and, I could feel my pulse beating against my finger --- a reminder of my God-given life. My prostate responded quickly, clenched and orgasmed. My anal rings tightened also; and, the ride began. Finally, I slid my finger SLOWLY out through my anus --- a joy in itself --- and reinserted my peridise for a while longer.

All the time during this session, precum oozed and formed a cool wet stream down my inner leg. Periodically, I could sense a special force building within that would climax with a noticeable surge of precum. What a gracious God to permit an aging man, such as myself, to experience such pleasure and intense joy!

At last the clock determined it was time to conclude this session. Butt not until I had withdrawn my peridise AND another O matured to a climax. Throughout my breakfast on our livingroom couch, I could feel my prostate full, warm and surging --- the morning's blessings was continuing! AND the ride to work was simply amazing with chairgasms the full 18 miles. Praise be to God!!!

I had intended to write this entry earlier today; but, this day has been hectic; and, now, just before heading home in the cold darkness of Maine, I am again praising my God for His encircling love. He has provided me with a joy unknown before my aneros journey began. The end of this blessed season of joy WILL come, I know; but, until it does, I will NOT take it for granted nor cheapen it in any way.

My chairgasms continue as I conclude --- a continuing reminder of my planned creation --- by the hand of God Himself! My brothers, I leave you with these words: "Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is the present --- let's open and enjoy it!" All praise be to God!

Psalm 139

Reader Comments

Posted on 2011-11-20 17:00:11 by paben


Posted on 2011-11-30 17:45:50 by Turnrow

What a wonderful commentary on the resources of the male body which is exquisitely made for pleasure by the Almighty. Your giving of all thanks and praise to the Almighty is altogether appropriate because He is the giver of all good and perfect things; and it sounds like you are experiencing the ultimate of a good and perfect thing scripted by the goodness of our creator. Keep writing of your experiences man. They are inspirational and cause us to put all of the delights of the rewiring in the male body in correct and true perspective.

Posted on 2011-12-02 23:26:09 by Bill Bately

Yes, I agree. Wonderful.

Posted on 2011-12-02 23:26:32 by Bill Bately

Yes, I agree. Wonderful.