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3rd session

3rd 1 hours session tonight. First time I used, after 45 minutes involuntary moaning and realization my face and arms were 'tingling'. 2nd session - just good sensatons - one 'flash' in my head and spontaneous erection. 3rd session 90 minutes - about 1 hour in involuntary moaning an quivering of thigts briefly. I realize I'm fucking myself with the aneros. Really lubing this thing properly means a great deal towards comfort.

I'm going to go for session 4 tonight. I'm going to make it pitch dark and see if I notice any more 'flashing' in my head. Is it possible to work yourself out too hard? I'm starting slow for the first 45 minutes, but then move my hips to get deeper stronger penetration. Can you damage your protate by too much movement?
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Posted on 2011-11-19 03:54:17 by paben

Session 4 - tried different positions. Discovered on my back is the best for positioning. Subtle movement bring the most pleasure. Another surprise at about 45 minutes - involuntary moaning and sensation of heat from abd into head for about 60 to 90 seconds. Refining my 'sweet spot'.