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On not (yet) having the dry O

Well, it's been about 3 weeks and I'm still having about as much fun as its possible to have without having the dry O. I keep getting agonizingly close and I would hardly call the sensations I'm having a disappointment but so far everything's wet.

I made one modification to my Progasm: I bent the K-tab out of the way. I never cared for the thing and found it sort of annoying. I do notice I get deeper penetration and more forward movement with it bent out of the way.

Time for the Aneros has been a bit rare lately wich probably isn't so bad since it was starting to interfere with my sleep! I look forward to another long, leisurely session soon ... maybe even tonight. I still refuse to say things like "I'm going to have a dry O tonight" because even if I'm not having them, everything feels so dang good.