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Wowy Zowy!

Lots had happened for me since my last entry! Where I left off, I was getting some great sensation in my prostate but not being able to get any further than almost cumming. Since then, I did the smartest thing I could and acquired the Hypnaeros CDs. For anyone struggling or frustrated, I urge you to do yourself a favor and do the same! My first experiment with the CDs brought me to the point I always got to, and with the relaxation and arousal that the CDs provide, I was able to "ride the wave" into orgasm.

Before this, I'd been able to achieve HFWOs, and in an attempt to switch to dry os, I had it that I had to avoid any PC contractions (which is not so!). With the help of the CDs, I was able to relax and let my body do it all for me. I gave up methodically trying to figure it out, and what showed up was sensation in my butt so intense that when I was brought to orgasm, the usually pumping of a wet o didn't kick in. Rather, a stream of cum came out while my ass orgasmed for what seemed like almost 30 seconds. Directly following was the pulsing pump of a wet o, but I had had my first taste of what a dry o feels like!

Then yesterday, I had the most incredible experience yet- as I was brought to orgasm, I followed the anal sensations into a dr o that went directly into another one and into a third one! At that point, I was so turned on that I grabbed my cock and had a nice traditional o to cap it all off! Wowy zowy, this is getting better and better every time!