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First steps into the world of energy.

My first Crown Chakra experience during a dry-O session.

For about two months, I've been practicing Aneros-less sessions cuddling with a soft pillow or gently hugging my wife against my abs and chest. I now consistently energize my Heart Chakra with what I now recogtnize as energy flow from my prostate through my Dan Tien.

The following may seem pretty 'nuts' -- nevertheless, this is where I am and how it is.... for now. :)

Until now I've not been one of the 'Aneros energy gang.' Most of Mantak Chia's detailed writings have sailed over my head. I've been an admiring lurker during Aneros Chat energy discussions and demonstrations. I'm usually puzzled, Other times I'm totally 'out to lunch' and generally among the clueless. I've been able to faintly feel the forces involved in Reiki Massage but not the energy flows through deep facia.

For about two months, I've been practicing Aneros-less sessions cuddling with a soft pillow or gently hugging my wife lightly against my abs and chest. At first I started these 'less sessions with anal contractions. More recently I'm not using any contractions to initiate the pleasure build -- relaxation alone along with the proximity of the pillow or my wife seems sufficient to get things started.

Recently I've identified waves of energy flow and pleasure between my Dan Tien and a band of feeling which I believe to be my Heart Chakra. During last night's session I identified another of energy storage region atop my scull. While my Den Tien is clearly deep within my abdomen, these newer storage areas are very close to the surface or my body or may be external to my body, right along the outer surface -- perhaps what some fortune tellers describe as an aura. (I had always tended to scoff at the concept of aura but perhaps now accept it as some manifestation of one's spirituality.)

While my DanTien has always been a dull brown-black in color and granular in its internal texture, I visualize my Heart Chakra as soft white in color, and very smooth. Much as though it was made of vinyl plastic. It extends from one armpit to the other and is spaced several millimeters outward from my pecs and nips. It's like having a small plate of armor across my chest. When energized, the feelings build uniformly across my pecs much as though my skin and the chakra were two plates of a Leyden Jar or battery. There is no concentration of energy or a 'point source' as with my prostate.

Now, what I think is my Crown Chakra has apeared and I visualize it as a Kippot or Yarmulka, somewhat fleece-like in texture and a Light-Gold-Ochre (Rembrandt 231.5) in color.

From my first Aneros session I've been very DanTien conscious. Matial Arts mentors had always emphasized the importance of body position, posture and anticipated moves with respect to the Den Tien. During formal training I seldom felt as much Life-force or Den Tien energy as did many of my classmates. Some of my early Aneros sessions were upsetting as the feelings that developed in my abdomen tended to be 'ugly' and violent rather than supportive of pleasure. If I amplified those feelings I would have have a series of very harsh visual and auditory sensations accompanied by chills and muscle cramps. I've sometimes referred to this as a Dark Side experience.

Note: My first Dan Tien energy build is always a slight 'tickle' with a tinge of nausea. Now-a-days that nausea is overcome by a warm glow and swelling in my Den Tien, assuring me that the energy will be positive and supportive in nature rather than negative and angry.

More recently I've experienced gentle ab contractions as the energy courses upward from my Dan Tien into my chest (during which I visualize the image of my Heart Chakra, pecs and nips.) When my chest has it's fill of energy, there is an inward consolidation of energy into a weighty cylinder (visualizd about the size and shape of a Soup can.) That cylindrical mass travels downward through my body core compressing my internal genitals and causing very slow but deliberate ejaculatory like contractions. Then another energy building cycle starts in my Den Tien. Only when fatigue becomes the ruling factor do I cease the 'less session.

The physical fatigue factor happens due to a slight contraction of my abs as the energy builds in my chest but it is worsened by severe shoulder contractions and occasional shoulder cramps as the energy consolidates and forms the heavy cylinder in my core.

I'm not prostate-aware once these energy cycles are established but when I focus on my prostate, it's a pale Ultramarine (505.8) with a hint of turquoise. (no kidding folks !)

Early this morning, following an all-night sleep with Eupho, I went Anerosless to practice my dry-Os. During the first energy build, I experienced energy in the uppermost part of my scull. The energy seems rather dull. I visualize it in the shape of a fairly large Kippot or Yamulke. Rather than vary in intensity as does the energy in my heart Chakra, this seems to be constant once I enter the orgasmic zone and the scullcap leaves when a terminate the session with breathing and body stretching (and tossing the pillow).

Reader Comments

Posted on 2011-11-12 09:21:34 by artform

This is SO wonderful rook!!! I am thrilled for you!!! Happy to chat about both your energies opening and your synaesthesia in the feeling/perceiving of it all!!! Wonderful man, and onward...............