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Just a check in

Have been very good about having at least 30 minutes a day over nearly a year now.

I'm well over 350 aneros sessions now. Practice really improves performance. Even now I find new areas to explore.

I think I now understand what it means to drop goals, and simply enjoy where you are.

My recent metaphor is "typing with your toes." It's unimaginable to have that kind of dexterity with your toes, yet with lots of practice, folks have learned to type with your toes. The same thing applies to the "dexterity" I am achieving with my pelvic floor muscles. When I started I had maybe two or three levels that I could contract those muscles. Now, I can ramp the pressure up very smoothly. It used to be that the contractions would, eventually, evoke the erotic feelings. Now it feels like the other way around. I first sense the "erotic sensations" (which now are far more subtle), and the muscles simply respond.

I write this mainly for those on a similar path. I feel the discipline of "meditating" (as I call my Aneros sessions) has yielded great rewards. If you don't feel like you're getting what you expected after a month or two, I'd recommend persistence.

Reader Comments

Posted on 2011-11-09 12:23:18 by rook

Hey Multi-D glad to see you here again. Nice stuff !! :)