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A pleasant first experience

I had only three goals for my first session: one, to get it in; two, to see if I could make it move, and three, to have some sort of very nice orgasm.


Getting it in wasn't that much trouble. I decided to try everything according to the book the first time out. That included an enema, a shower, and injecting some lube. I injected an Astroglide knockoff ... very intriguing stuff. The Progasm went in easily as long as I followed its curves and respected its ridges. Once in, it didn't feel like it was going to fall out easily and it certainly was difficult to ignore. I couldn't quite tell if it was directly hitting my prostate but I didn't care; it just felt good.


For the first hour or so I didn't try too hard to move the thing. I would sometimes bear down on it and then draw it back in but for the most part I just let it be there. I had a growing sense of arousal and pleasure which definitely wasn't coming from the usual place. I tried a few positions looking for a "magic spot" but didn't seem to find one.

Around the one hour mark I found a position (lying on my left side, left knee drawn up and right foot resting on left ankle) which produced a few long, slow, deep pulsations that frankly felt better than almost anything I'd ever felt before. They weren't consistent but I know I wasn't doing anything to make them happen.

I rolled onto my right side and felt some things that almost felt like an orgasm. The Aneros was drawn strongly into my body, I was gripping against it, and this wonderfully intense pleasure was coursing through me from my knees to my shoulders. I concentrated on holding this feeling for a while. It wasn't an orgasm (I don't think) because I never quite felt like I was losing control or there was anything I was giving myself up to. But ohhh, the feelings!

Around two hours I went onto my back and laid there for a while. There was a new sensation, a lack of awareness that "there's something inside me" and more a sense of "something is happening inside me." I couldn't quite make the Progasm move as much as I felt I wanted it to but I also didn't really care at that point because everything just felt good.

At about two and a half hours I got more pulsating strokes like I'd had earlier but these were even more intense. Still no "orgasm" but again, I didn't care. Some of what I was feeling was as good as I think it's possible to feel without having an orgasm.


At three hours I was definitely enjoying myself but I felt like I'd "accomplished" as much as I was going to. I'd not had an erection at any point but once I started touching my penis I got hard very quickly and had little trouble busting. (Not like it's ever been a problem for me.) It was a truly memorable and intense experience.


I had to spend all of the next day in the car. I had a general sense of "awareness" somewhere inside my pelvis and occasionally felt some contractions which seemed to touch this deep place. I had long regarded my prostate as "awakened" but I realize now it's only just waking up and figuring out what it can do.