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It's here

My Progasm just showed up in the mail. My thoughts on opening the box and handling it for the first time:

1. Wantwantwantwantwant.
2. It's plenty sizable but it's not what I would call "huge." We'll see how it is trying to get it in later but it doesn't look like it's too big for me. I like the mass; I can tell that's going to feel pretty good.
3. Giving it the once-over I can tell that there's an optimal path for insertion: Straight in with the tip, curve it towards the front of the body, pause after the head is in, hold on to the first "valley" for a moment, then suck the rest of it in. If I follow that path I won't have to stretch more than maybe ping-pong ball size. If I just went straight in, that would probably feel like shoving a racquetball up my ass, which doesn't sound very fun to me.
4. I clenched the pivot point between my index and middle fingers (sort of like you might hold a cigarette) and let my hands start twitching so I could get a sense of how this thing might move inside of me. In a word, mmmmmmmm.
5. This is going to be a really, really long afternoon.