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Anticipation and expectations

Just got word that my Progasm has shipped. That's good, because the anticipation is deliciously killing me.

Like I said in my first post, I've been practicing contractions because I know they're the key to getting the most out of the Aneros. Today while I was sitting in my car I think I had some involuntaries. While I was clenching my sphincter (lightly) I noticed the base of my penis, and eventually the whole thing, starting to twitch. At first I was getting one spasm per contraction, then two or three, and finally more than I could count. I'm going to assume it's my PC muscle that is spasming.

Since this afternoon I've tried contractions in a variety of positions to see when and how I can get the best involuntaries. Sitting with my back reclined slightly is best. Lying on my back also works, though not quite as well. I can't get them lying on my side, at least not that I can tell. I can sort of get them while standing. I can definitely get them when on all fours. That may be the position I choose for my first experience. It's always worked well for me with other toys, after all ...

After a day of dreaming I just couldn't stand it any more, I had to try to get at my prostate. I sat on the toilet and put my middle finger up there, angling it toward the front of my body. I could not reach my prostate, but that's not to say I didn't enjoy the experience. Couldn't keep my hands off Mr. Goodwrench, however. Not a big deal. I shot a fair amount of rather clear fluid, it felt fantastic, and I know better days are coming soon.

In the midst of all this I'm trying to manage my expectations for what my first session is going to be like. I've read enough of you all's stories to know that people's first times range from wonderful to disappointing with an average experience of "if I keep at this it's just going to get better and better."

I don't expect the Super O the first time out. I don't even expect a hands-free O though my experience with anal play leads me to believe I might well have one. Here, though, are my goals for my first Progasm ride: (1) to get it in, (2) to see if I can make it move, and (3) if nothing else, to have a nice penile orgasm while my rectum has something friendly to grip against. That alone will probably wipe out a couple months worth of stress.