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Help Please--Newbie

Hi, I bought the MGX and followerd all the directions. after insertion and being totally relaxed. I layed on my side with one leg bend and stayed that way for over 45 min. Nothing was happening. so I tried the muscle contractions for awhile. No pleasure or sensation felt. No fluid release. No erection. Will someone tell me what I'm doing wrong. Once its in and relaxed can I get up and walk around, do the dish's, Sit and watch tv or surf the web. What about having intercourse with my wife? I don't understand this concept. please send me an email at Any advice or help will be greatly accepted. If not This MGX is going in the trash. Oh forgot to mention about the terrible bout of gas after taking it out. spraying KY in my boxers, what a mess. HELP PLEASE

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Posted on 2011-10-25 02:03:10 by aneros_user48692

I didn't have much results at first either. It takes time, especially if you are not accustomed to thinking of your butt as a sex organ (and it IS a sex organ). There's a psychological aspect to the process. Take some time with it. Bringing the other half of your sexuality out of hybernation doesn't happen over night. Keep up regular sessions with it for a while. You'll likely be surprised by the changes that start happening inside you, both physically and mentally.

It'll start small. You may begin feeling arousal sensations in your anus when your 'in the mood'. That's a first sign of progress.

And to help you with the mess factor, try using a condom with a light coat of lube instead of just a lot of lube. You can throw the condom away when your done and have less clean up work afterward.

Posted on 2011-11-09 14:50:19 by insert

I can help you.